Sara Stones
Sarah's Symbol

Sarah Stone


Sarah-God Tier

Next time we should tell her to come early so that when she finally gets here we can say "Oh! You're right on time!"


16 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Good Grammar And Syntax. Can Sound Very Draamaaatic At Times.


Pierced And Stitched Heart

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Sis Stone- Guardian

S.A.P.S.- Acquaintances

Lives in



The Land of Gales and Holes


Cute Animals, Various Animes, Trendy(ish) Things, Korean Music, Gossiping, Harry Potter, Obscure Bands


Snobby People, Being Yelled At, Criticism

Session Info


Seer of Breath


Land of Gales and Holes




Tier 1: Ice Tier 2: Hufflepuff Scarf (Post Entry)



Team Position:



You are now SARA STONES and you are quite the sweetheart!


Chatty and definitely quirky, Sara Stones is the adorable one of the session. She is also easily excited and is quite the social butterfly, even if her ideas are a tad strange. She can be dead serious at the drop of a hat though.


Before the big day, Sara was the elder of the group as she was born first. She grew up with her guardian Sis Stones, not far from where Lizz and Jack lived. Over time, she grew to befriend Lizz though the relationship was a bit turbulent and befriended Wren. Soon they were hanging out with Hail.

After awhile, Joan Dargon came on the scene and then Jack Alphus. The friends all gathered during the first annual S.A.P.S. meeting and the bond was unbreakable. Soon after, a new player was entered into the S.A.P.S.; Tayy Ezekel and all from the confines of Joan's basement. After, they made matching coats, adopted names and colors for each respective person, and forged a lasting friendship.

However, things haven't remained too well as Joan and Sara butt heads constantly.


Sara's server player was Joan Dargon, much to her lament and her client player was Tayy Ezekel. When she entered the Medium, she came to the sad planet named the Land of Gales and Holes, a strange world where the planet was hollowed out except for the core and filled with holes giving it the look of Swiss cheese. Sara has to find a way to restore the ocean surrounding the core and stop the gales from weathering away the remaining land. Her denizen was Typheus and along the way, she would have to learn to Strum the Storm.


  • Sara is based on a real life friend of mine.
  • Godrics in her tag refers to Godric Gryffindor of Harry Potter.
    • Chalice refers to the Cup of Hufflepuff, her associated Harry Potter house in real life.


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