Lynkas Musang

Lynkas Musang

Lynkas Musang (prospit)


7.5 Alternian solar sweeps (16.25 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

doubles r's, generally speaks in all lowercase and rarely uses punctuation. often speaks in run-on sentences.



Strife Specibi



Cuvros Vorona - Matesprit

Lynkas Musang, also known by his trollian handle goldenCardsharp, is one of the trolls and one of 10 that would enter the medium in a session separate from that of the Hivebent cast. His associated sign is Lynx.

Lynkas and Musang are Greek and Filipino for lynx, respectively.


Lynkas is nearly obsessed with games of chance. He loves to gamble, and he loves even more to win. Because of this habit he has amassed more wealth than one of his caste would generally have, but to keep any classists off his back he gives away most of his winnings to his friends, even to those who would have more money anyway. Lynkas loves the idea of adventure, and often takes his matesprit on these adventures with him.


Lynkas's custodian is a lynx-like creature about twice as large as he is. It sometimes accompanies Lynkas on his adventures, and Lynkas likes to ride on its back, even when it hunts from the ground or in trees.

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