Shouka Torama


GR: So I guess you can say I am not a fully devout Buddhist, though I have my own personal reasons.


Mage of Light

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses perfect punctuation and spelling. Refuses to ever use conjunctions as long as the sentence still makes sense

Strife Specibi


Introduction Edit

Your name is Shouka Torama and you are one of the more ISOLATED trolls on your planet. You live in a CAVE near a FOREST that has very few inhabitants. Due to your separation from the more social beings of your race, you have picked up on the human religion of BUDDHISM. There are still many factors in it that you are learning, but you try your best to be as devout as a troll with a TIGER FOR A LUSUS can get. In your spare time, you practice SELF DEFENSE with your STAFF, which has an ARROWHEAD that you stuck on at some random point. When not practicing your defense or religion, you enjoy TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS ONLINE. Your trolltag is goldenRadiance and you often times speak with perfect fluency and almost always refuses to use laid-back conjunctions when speaking.

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