Gliese Sigma
youre a srs fucking stooge


Gliese Sigma





Typing Quirk

no capitalization, punctuation, and some abbreviated words


Invisible Middle Finger



Strife Specibus


Sgrub Session


Land of Organelles and Yoohoo


Enchantress of Cells


1: argyle Socks 2: Weird Al Yankovic

Dream Self



fuck you there's no i in team!

Team Position


enh whats interaction


A Sponge named Ludachristinia

Matesprit ♥


Kismesis ♠


Auspistice ♣


Morail ♦


Be AwesomeEdit

Your name is GLIESE SIGMA

Your INTERESTS are plenty. You mostly enjoy CELL BIOLOGY and your favorite ORGANELLE is the ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM. Your RESPITEBLOCK has a LABORATORY where you sit all day examining microbiologic life through a MICROSCOPE. You also don't just like the quantum but also the vast. You enjoy looking at the STARS through a TELESCOPE. Your favorite star is ALPHA CENTAURI because it has a catchy name. Computers are also another interests. You run a very popular BLOG about your cell research and also have pictures of CATS on it. You have massive speakers in your room so you and your friends can swap SWEET JAMS.

You are very talented in the fields of SCIENCE and MUSIC. You play the PIANO and ACCORDION which you aspire to be like WEIRD AL YANKOVIC, were in one incident you prototyped a cardboard cut out because your SPRITE which at the time was a pile of SOCKS opened your closet and the cardboard cut out fell down. You are rather SHORT so you look rediculous when you play BARITONE SAX.

You also enjoy the interesting yet discusting beverage YOOHOO. Everyone thinks you are strange when you are walking around town and pull a bottle of it out of your COMPUTER BAG.

Your personality is BLAND. You don't talk to other TROLLS because they are strange to you. You do however have a liking for trolls you meet on the INTERNET and at BAND CAMP. You are also friends with a wise old troll who you learned from at a LAB. You HIDE a lot from the world in a CLOSET where you have an extensive COLLECTION of electronica compact discs and EQUIPMENT from the lab.

Your trollTag is golgiApparatus which is an organelle and you tend to type in a manner without capitalization, punctuation and some abbreviation.

Sad Story of Your Meaningless LifeEdit

You woke up on your WRIGGLING DAY inside a closet with a BEAST towering above you. It somewhat resembled a bottle of DAWN except it had the head of a DINOSAUR. You were hiding in a pile of SOCKS where you let out a massive SCREAM, destroying the beast's EARDRUMS and making it fall out of a WINDOW and into a rocky pit.

Once you could walk around after GROWTH, you once almost drowned in a lake but were saved by a floating SPONGE which was you LUSUS. It was named LUDACHRISTINA but then you later fround it was Male. Ludachristina didn't quote 'give a fuck' unquote. From that day, Ludachristina stayed in your kitchen sink and you stayed in your CLOSET.

Examin Fetch ModusEdit

Your fetchmodus is currently set to VACUOLE. It stores any shit you have in the manner a Vacuole would. It is lined with a CELL WALL for protection in case of any kind of DANGER. The vacuole is also good in case of OSMOSIS

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