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Aurina Liocin
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Aurina liocin

Aurina dreamer

anything different is good!!


Page of Hope


7 Alternian solar sweeps (15 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

No use of punctuation and capitalization, unless when EMPHASIZING. Excessive use of question and exclamation marks.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Camera: Using a camera, the sylladex will retrieve that certain thing that the owner would have taken a picture of.


Aselus Callis - Matesprit
Mierca Alhena - Moirail
Lion - Lusus/sprite


Land of Glass and Goals


Desiderium ♫
斯怪変相曲 ~ Unhuman Variations ♫
Milla's Dream ♫

Aurina Liocin, also known by her Trollian handle, grandiloquentAnarchist, is a Troll. Her associated astrological sign is the Sun (☉) and her horns are supposed to be round like the symbol itself.

She doesn't happen to have a "special" typing quirk. She writes using perfect grammar, though she does not take use of commas. She frequently takes makes use of happy smileys and speaks generally in a very enthusiastic and responsive manner.

Her first name is derived from aurinko, the Finnish word for sun. Liocin comes from liocarcinus, a genus of crabs. This is possibly a reference to her matesprit, Aselus Callis, having the Moon as associated astrological sign, whereas the moon is the ruler of Cancer. The word lio resembles Leo, which has the sun as ruler, being the associated sign of hers as stated earlier.


She is first introduced in a conversation with Aselus just seconds before they started their Flarp session with Varuna Poseia and another troll that has yet to be properly introduced. Aurina takes quite a lot interest in roleplaying, not only by Flarping, but also by roleplaying in pesterlogs, which she has been seen to be doing with a several number of trolls, where she usually go by the identity of a character that is very similiar to her ancestor.


Aurina has a liking for expressing herself, either by drawing og writing, and this can especially be seen in her interest of roleplaying. As because of her fondness for sleeping, she does not use much time awake, but when she finally does, the only source of light would be a computer screen, which she would naturally be sitting infront of. Here she would usually spend her time with people through the internet that has same interests in herself, and they would generally roleplay their own shitty OCs and share doodles and reaction (particularly icons of other people's fanart) images with each other.


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