Wren McClaw
Wren's Symbol

Wren M


Wren-God Tier

Wren-God Tier-Hood Down

you know what jackie?! you KNOW WHAAAAAAT???!


Thief of Time


16 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

All Lowercase. Uses All Caps And Multiplies Letters In Words To Express Excitement.


Power On/Off Icon

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Binary Code Modus



Bro McClaw-Guardian

Lives in



The Land of Fog and Clocktowers


Animals, Stuffed Animals, Creating Digital Art, Creepy Things, Various Animes, Manga, Doodling


Jerkfaces, In Group Tensions, Being Offered Things, Being Petted, Driving

Session Info


Thief of Time


Land of Fog and Clocktowers




Tier 1: Dead Cat

Tier 2: (Post Entry) Izaya Anime Plushie



Team Position:



You are WREN MCCLAW and boy is it going to be a long day.


On the outside, Wren appears normal. When around her friends and family, that changes and she does a 180 degree turn into her actual weird and mildly violent self.


Before the big day, Wren was like the rest of the S.A.P.S.; a normal teenage girl with a love of manga and art. She grew up with her much older brother in an old farmhouse out in the countryside not too far from Lizz Alcard, her longtime friend. Hail was also a staple of her childhood here as the two became best friends and bonded fast over being some of the creepiest children one could ever see.

After awhile, Sara Stones came on the scene, then Joan Dargon and Jack Alphus. They melded together on Wren's birthday party on the first annual S.A.P.S. meeting. Soon after, a new player was entered into the S.A.P.S.; Tayy Ezekel and all from the confines of Joan's basement. After, they made matching coats, adopted names and colors for each respective person, and forged a lasting friendship.

The friendship lasted that way for seven years and still is going.


In her session, Wren assumed the dreaded task of team leader as it was her, Lizz, and Hail that kicked it off.

When she entered the Medium as a result of Cyrrus' connection from the Veil, she entered the dangerous Land of Fog and Clocktowers, a hazy world with massive spires adorned with clocks standing in a maze of sorts. The consorts were pink axolotls and her denizen was Hephaestus. Her quest was to get all of the clocktowers to ring at the same time as her denizen messed each up. Along the way, she would have to learn how to play double time.

Trivia and EtymologyEdit

  • Wren is actually named for my real-life friend except with a few changes to her name.
  • McClaw was chosen as she is known for two things: 1. A love of cats (like her old cat Holly) and 2. Her incredibly sharp nails which should be a strife specibus of their own.
  • Wren's associated color is black.


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