Fenoke Anisos




i’m open to zzzzzome zzzugezzzztion, hehe.


Prince of Life

Screen Name


Typing Style

Holds ‘z’ out for an undefined amount of time, replaces ‘s’ sound with ‘z’.


Fly sigil

Strife Specibi



Flydad (Lusus)br />

Your name is FENOKE ANISOS and you are KIND OF A FREAK.

Super freaky?Edit

Super freaky.

You are FENOKE ANISOS, SWAMP FREAK. You are a TEALBLOOD, right there in the middle. Certain things are expected of you, but you FAIL TO MEET THEM. You aren't upset over that, though. Opinions don't matter to you.

Like you said, you are kind of a FREAK. You live out in the smelly ALTERNIAN SWAMPS, in a derelict HIVESHACK. However, looks are deceiving, as your hive is actually pretty WELL FURNISHED on the inside. You like to compare this to your ROUHH EXTERIOR hiding your BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY.

That is a stretch, though. On the INSIDE, you are still as much of a freak. You are incredibly PERVERTED, and take pleasure in making others feel UNCOMFORTABLE. If they ever manage to get past your SMELLY, GRIMY EXTERIOR, however, they must actually LIKE YOU FOR SOME REASON. Maybe it's because you have a DECENT SENSE OF HUMOR.

Living in the swamp has its benefits, though. You spend a lot of time gathering various OILS AND VAPORS to send off for sale. You send them to clients on the back of your enormous FLY LUSUS, who, in turn, send you back MONEY AND GOODS. When you're not collecting your product, you like to mark trees with your SABERKIND, and RUNNING AIMLESSLY THROUGH THE SWAMP. This, predictably gets you very dirty, so you attempt to bathe in a STREAM on the outskirts of the swamps. Oh, and you don't have plumbing.

Your trolltag is grendelsFoil and you're pretty much alwayzzz buzzzy... Exzzzept when you're not ;)


Living in the swamps makes Fenoke unaware of most social graces, but he functions well enough online. When he goes to town for supplies, he's horrible at interaction, always saying the wrong things and constantly flirting.

He's, as stated, incredibly perverted and takes any chance he can to make lewd suggestions and make someone uncomfortable. When someone does get close enough to him, he does drop that front and becomes a good friend, though he still makes perverted jokes and advances. But, if you're in that friendly zone with him, you're probably already desensitized to his jokes.

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