Serene Natlus
Serene's Symbol
Of Cours<...~ATH Continu<s To Suck <ach Fricking Tim< I Us< It...Ugggggggghhhhh....


Knight of Light


7 Sweeps (15.2 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses < in place of E's and e's, capitalizes each word. Uses ellipses...alot.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Dilong- Lusus

His Imperial Majesticness- Ancestor

His Imperial Graciousness- Inverted Self

Delfin Natlus- Dancestor

Achles Ventus- Kismesis (Failing Miserably)

Serpia Ophici- Moirail

The Precedian Population- Future Loyal Subjects

Lives in



The Land of Jewels and Glare


Elaborate Swordplay, Exotic Teas, Ornate Trinkets, Simple Computing


Fire, Carbonated Beverages, ~ATH



Dilong (Nautilus Creature)







Serpia Ophici


His Imperial Majesticness


Delfin Natlus

Session Info


Knight of Light


Land of Jewels and Glare




Tier 1: Palace Servant



Team Position:


Server Player:

Serpia Ophici

Client Player:

Silaro Hecrel


L<ts G<t This Ov<rwith

You are SERENE NATLUS. You are a moderately antsy dude who enjoys the FAR-FLUNG side of life. Nothing beats ESCAPING from the perils of modern everyday life like kicking back and enjoying the ARTS of the ANCIENTS. Especially the SWORDPLAY! Nothing is more thrilling to you than watching the this TIME HONORED tradition befitting of your REGAL BLOOD and social status perched high atop the HEMOSPECTRUM. You are also very into the less violent side of it and prefer to steep yourself horns deep in the collecting of ANCIENT AND ORNATE TRINKETS. Many of which you have are said to have been HANDED DOWN forcibly from emperor to emperor. However you know it is mostly a load of plain BULLSHIT because many bear the "Made in" wherever mark. The only real ones you have are the silver FOLDING FANS you use in combat. Although they are RAZOR SHARP and haven't shown any sign of breaking yet, your lusus Dilong always freaks out when you pull them. You can't blame him. If they were to BREAK it would be a major waste of precious silver.

When you SWAY away from the more DANGEROUS ARTS you like to try your hand dabbling in COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. You often brag to your fellow trolls that it is EASY, but in reality YOU SUCK at it. Especially ~ATH. Between the whole DOOM AND DEATH air about it, the tricky loops, or basically EVERYTHING as you put it, you often find yourself bonking yourself in the head for even TRYING to attempt to learn it. At least you have the hang of more simpler programs, especially the gaming ones. You haven't really tried anything beyond simple RETRO 8-BIT GAMES, but recently you've pirated a copy of an ODD GAME everyone seems to rave about. You're even going to assemble a team of your fellow trolls and play this thing. Dilong seems up in airs about it though and has been INCREASINGLY CRYPTIC in his words concerning an APOCALYPSE, Armageddon and whatnot. Maybe it is a bad idea.

After racking your brains for hours on the computer you like to curl up with a mug of STEAMING TEA to wind down until the sun rises. It really is one of few things that seem to RELAX you every time you find yourself STRESSED. It also is sure of a hell lot better than drinking those GADAWFUL sodas you see some of the lesser castes strut about with. It isn't very rare that you find yourself questioning the APPEAL of such things another of which is the love of FIRE by your fellow trolls. It is such a destructive and VILE thing it is hard to see its importance. Along with these you question MANY THINGS pertaining to the world you live in. It isn't very uncommon to see you ZONED OUT in the corner of your respiteblock lost in your IMAGINATION. Maybe you really should CALM THE HECK DOWN and listen to the ocean waves for once. It will probably do you some good not to be such a TIGHTWAD for once. Well, maybe.

Your trolltag is guzhengTiaowu and <You Hav< A P<rsnick<ty Ton< To Your Words

What will you do now?


Pessimistic and sometimes a little too mopey, Serene is pretty


Hatched into a life of luxury Serene was quite mellow at first. However, upon his recent discovery of his day of trial before the emperor, he has turned pessimistic and now views things as a chore. Always the persnickety one, he immersed himself in fine Eastern Precedian arts and has become exceptionally learned. He is really lucky, but he REFUSES to acknowledge it.


To be added.


Dilong- Serene's cryptic lusus, Dilong is the Natlus' ancient lusus that is rumored to have ties to Vish on Correspa as well as the rest of the horrorterrors. He is quite unclear when he speaks to Serene and often leaves the latter confused and annoyed.

His Imperial Majesticness- Serene's quasi-violent and oftentimes melodramatic ancestor, H.I.M. is the bane of Serene's life. Between the servants running around (except for Br'ctyr) and the coming of ends for Precedus, he gives Serene a MAJOR headache.

His Imperial Graciousness- Serene's ancestral self for Delfin Natlus, H.I.G. was just about the best emperor Afteran had seen, that is until rumors of association with Gamblignants and bribes rang out thanks to the Subjugglators. He was later killed by them to make them seem like heroes and Delfin ascended to the throne shortly after beginning a crusade against the clowns.

Delfin Natlus- Serene's dancestor, Delfin is highly attached to Serene as he is the inverted equivalent of H.I.G. whom Delfin was exceptionally fond of. Serene find him irritating, but eventually warms to him and learns the ropes of being a child emperor.

Achles Ventus- Kismesis (Failing Miserably)- Serene's soon to be ex-kismesis, Achles and Serene both thought it would be ironic to be in a kismesistude. However, the long distance between Precedus and Correspa plus the wearing off of its novelty sunk in and now the two just annoy each other for fun.

Serpia Ophici- Serene's moirail, he uses his royal authority to keep her safe and she keeps him from plunging into BLACK LIQUID SORROW headfirst.

The Precedian Population- The rest of Precedus, Serene has no opinion on them and hates the idea of ruling over them.


  • Guzheng in his tag refers to the Chinese instrument of the same name.
    • Tiaowu (跳舞) in his tag is simplified Mandarin for "dancing".
    • Considering his interests, his tag can be interpreted as Dancing to the Guzheng.
      • The Imperial Ceremony where Serene fights H.I.M. starts off as a dance of sorts with fans and then moves into actual fighting at the first draw of blood. Guzheng music is played until the first hit and then drums take over.
  • Serene was named for the common trait sometimes associated with ocean waves.
    • He was originally a girl and her name was Serena Natlus.
  • Natlus is a butchering of Nautilus, a marine cephalopod related to squid, octopi, and cuttlefish.
    • The cephalopod and cuttlefish bit is a nod to a certain fuchsia blood.
  • His lusus is a massive Nautilus named Dilong. It basically means "Earth Dragon."
  • His sign is for Delphinus, the dolphin.
    • It is also where his dancestor, Delfin gets his name from.
    • The Nautilus has been known to live quite long lives for cephalopods. Fuchsia bloods have been mentioned to have exceptionally long lifespans as well.
    • Nautilus are known for their distinctive and often times quite beautiful spiral shells. Tis surely befitting of a troll with royal blood.
    • Him and Serene both being named after sea creatures fits with them being sea dwellers.
  • His Imperial Majesticness is also known simply as The Majestic. It basically means having wondrous beauty or dignity.
    • Like his descendant, he has a rivalry with His Imperial Fabulousness on Correspa.
  • His role as the Knight of Light nods to him putting up the facade of being knowledgeable and tech savvy when he really is getting by on "luck and wits" as he puts it.
  • I actually have a cosplay of him and plan to wear it to NYCC 2017 on Sunday, I believe.


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