Basete Zathemezo
Basete Zathemezo
Y32, 1 4/\/\ 50 1337


Duke of Zeal


6 solar sweeps (13 Human Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

7j935 1// 13375j34X (Types in leetspeak)



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Pirate's Cove

Lives in



Land of Leets and Haxors

Be the seal hat troll.Edit

Your name is Basete Zathemezo

You spend most of your time either HACKING WEBSITES, or CODING games. you also TROLL many sites.

You have modded SGRUB so on your server you are able to spawn many monsters to annoy your friends and GRIEF their work.

Your STRIFE SPECIBI is COMPUTERKIND so you can control aspects of your land and remove anything you want.

Why do you wear a seal hat? because they're cool! you got it while you were out hunting with your BEAR LUSUS, and you made you catch into a hat.

Your trolltag is hackedYeti and you (_)53 13375934X 1!X3 4 920

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