"I'm the Knight of Wind,whether this game likes it or not."


Heiwa Hisook




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There are two constantly turning gears,the number of prongs on each gear is the same as the number of cards.When an item is placed in a card,a copy of the item appears on one prong on each gear.Only when two of the same prong meet can said item be used.

Strife Specibus



A lavabeast that resides in the "core" of his Hive.

Signature/Blood Colour

A reddish colour,around #ff330.


He lives in a hive built around what is left of an old factory that did something he's not quite sure of that probably won't be important at all. All he knows is that in the centre,or core,of the factory is a large pit of magma which his Lusus resides in. And that his Lusus killed all of the workers at the factory. And ate them.

Be the Troll with the Corrective Grammar Culler insignia.Edit

It's not the Corrective Grammar Culler insignia,gogdamnit.

Your name is HEIWA HISOOK,and you are roughly SIX AND A HALF SOLAR SWEEPS OLD. You live in a hive built around an old factory with a LAVABEAST as your Lusus. Your Strife Specibus is allocated to BATKIND, although you never DON'T ENJOY BALLGAMES. You own a homemade weapon called EXCALIBAT, which is actually just a bat with a modified handle but you doesn't like people pointing that out. You also own SEVERAL GAMES OF ELECTRONIC NATURE BY VARYING PUBLISHERS, although you don't play most of them but are too attached to them to get rid of them.

You are a great believer that there will, one day, be a VIRUS THAT INFECTS ALL TROLLS CAUSING THEM TO BECOME CREATURES RESEMBLING REANIMATED CORPSES, so you keep a few makeshift weapons around, although you can only actually wield Excalibat.

You only know one other Troll, one by the trolltag of zainyZephyr, and you are HATE FRIENDS.

You have heard of SGRUB, although you have yet to find anyone to play it with.

Session InfoEdit

He joined the session Alpha Chain (Although unknowingly) when he got sent copies of Sgrub. Other members of the session are championChef, ExtraneousBladestorm, HyperkineticSalvo, JuvenileNarcissist, SilentOrator, TippingBalance and zainyZephyr.

He has yet to enter the medium.