Dalyba Dalmuo





Bane of Form


12 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes certain Words and always uses Periods as Final Punctuation to emphasize her Bluntness.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Math Quiz


Land of Prisms and Labyrinth


Dancing, mathematics, puzzles


Highbloods, complicated technology, bugs

Your name is DALYBA DALMUO.
Actually, someone should probably draw you another sprite, because you are already an ADULT. But who cares, really? In any case, yes, you've filled pails before. You can't anymore because both your MATESPRIT and KISMESIS have been CULLED in the recent sweeps because of their LOW STANDING on the hemospectrum. You should have DIED with them then, but you somehow managed to only get out with a MISSING EYE and BROKEN HORN. You would lean on your MOIRAIL for emotional support if only your moirail hadn't died in a HORRIBLE ACCIDENT not long afterwards. It's a miracle how your LUSUS still lives.
Because of these incidents, you see yourself as a BEARER OF MISFORTUNE. The only reason you haven't RID THE WORLD of yourself yet is because of your INTENSE HATRED for highbloods for the aforementioned cullings. You have tasked yourself with DISPATCHING whatever highblood foolish enough to venture too close to you, which is to say, ANYWHERE, as you are constantly on the move. Your PSYCHIC ABILITY renders this possible.
Besides HATING HIGHBLOODS and stewing in your MISERY, you are fond of DANCING and MATHEMATICS, but you are surprisingly NOT TECH-SAVVY at times. How you manage to play a COMPUTER GAME at some point is anyone's guess.
Your trolltag is hemorrhageDivide and there is a Blunt Coldness to your Words..

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