Jalkab Urrytu
Jalkab Sprite
I'm $ick of thi$ non$en$e. Yeah. I'm done. You can go and $lap your$elf nine time$ for all I care. Goodbye, lo$er.


"Hateful Bard"


Bard of Space


Seven alternian solar sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces the letter S with United States dollar signs: "$".


Comet sign

Strife Specibi



Desken Ponoka - Kismesis

Rezlow Urrytu - Dancestor

The Glutton - Ancestor

Jackalopedad - Lusus

Lives in

Alternian hive on top of mountain.


Land of Meteors and Food


Astronomy, eating, rockets, the song "Meteor Mania" from Spongebob Creature From the Krusty Krab soundtrack.


Other trolls, being a midblood, being looked down upon.

Who is this joker? Edit

You are JALKAB URRYTU. You have an intrest in ASTRONOMY and EATING CHIPS ON THE COUCH, as well as EATING at TROLL OLIVE GARDEN. You do not want to associate with other TROLLS, as ALTERNIA is not a good place to speak with others.

You are an aggressive, overweight TEAL BLOOD and wish you were a HIGHBLOOD. You spend most of your time with your LUSUS, JACKALOPEDAD. Your TROLLTAG is HUNGRYASTRONOMER and you hardly log on. When you do, you usually just talk with your KISMESIS. Nobody really wants to get to know you, since you blabble on and on about wanting to build a ROCKET and colonize another PLANET.

You believe in HIGHBLOOD EQUALITY, so that yourself and higher castes can subjugate LOWER CASTES and look down upon them all.

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