Nazrin Myttaz


HH: fuck with reality too much and you fuck with the time-space continuum.


Page of Breath

Screen Name


Typing Style

uses no caps whatsoever, though keeps up perfectly with punctuation. TYPES IN ALL CAPS AND CUSSES UNNECESSARILY WHEN ANGERED.

Strife Specibi


Introduction Edit

Your name is NAZRIN MYTTAZ and you have NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GAME FILE. You and some friends had managed to rip the code out from somewhere, but now it looks like there's a SUDDEN VIRUS IN THE FILE. Unfortunately, ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS are SET ON PLAYING IT. You guess it wouldn't hurt, right? You search your respiteblock for your DOWSING RODS, while avoiding the KEYBOARD in the corner. Being a MUTANT BLOOD of unusual color, your better-off friends had to get it for you. You enjoy COMPOSING MUSIC, SEARCHING for lost ITEMS, and chasing your RAT LUSUS around the hive. Often times you'll find yourself also playing video games on your computer while chatting. Your trolltag is hungryHoarder and you understand the importance of grammar and punctuation. though you don't care much for capitalization.

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