Cenere Verrev





Rogue of Mind


9 sweeps

Screen Name



Diamond with a horizontal line in the center

Strife Specibi

Crossbowkind, hatchetkind

Fetch Modus



Land of Fountains and Ladders


Minding his own business, feeling more mature than others, making traps


Pointless things, excessive fraternization, cold temperatures

Your name is CENERE VERREV.

You are one of the few residents of a particular FOREST near the ALTERNIAN EQUATOR. Most people avoid this forest because of its PROXIMITY TO A DANGEROUS VOLCANO. This means that you don't have to DEAL WITH PEOPLE, which suits you just fine because PEOPLE ARE BIGGER JERKS THAN YOU ARE. Not to say that you aren't a jerk yourself because you KIND OF ARE. Or at least you like to think so.
Because of your VERY LOW STANDING on the hemospectrum, you would rather STAY OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE'S WAY. You do not like or even respect those of higher blood, however. You have to OBLIGATION to like ANYONE. Things are EASIER that way. Not that you HATE everyone - you're just GENERALLY DISDAINFUL of them and DISDAIN them all EQUALLY.
You much prefer NATURE and going HUNTING with your lusus. Your SURVIVAL SKILLS have allowed you to avoid HORRIBLE DEATHS at the proverbial hands of VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS and ENCOUNTERS WITH TERRIBLE BEASTS. Due to your blood, you suspect you might have some sort of PSYCHIC ABILITY, but have as of yet FAILED to TAP INTO IT, so you are completely OBLIVIOUS as to what it could possibly be.
As a YOUNG ONE you looked up to TROLLIN HOOD and wanted to BE LIKE HIM. As you grew and saw that PEOPLE WERE JERKS, you GAVE UP on your childish dreams. Or so you CLAIM. You have TROUBLE being COMPLETELY HONEST with your INNER PASSIONS. Instead, you WRESTLE with your LUSUS to DISTRACT YOURSELF from silly ideas.
Your trolltag is incendiaryTrap and you do not use quirks because quirks are silly and childish.

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