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Methan Yurnas, also known by his trolltag incongruouslySatirical, is a troll from post-scratch Alternia. He is a member of the Planetstuck session.

Methan is a trickster, gambler, and comedian, an elaborate façade he built for his life following an extremely traumatic early life event that just about broke him mentally. He sincerely believes the flashback daymares he has are simply bad dreams.

Introduction Edit

Your name is METHAN YURNAS. Your ROUTINE isn't finished yet, so DON'T ASK! You love COMEDY and practice it daily, but, unfortunately, it's not exactly very popular on Alternia. It doesn't DISSUADE YOU MUCH, though, because you've got a number of friends willing to HUMOR your HUMOR. Hey, look at that, some wordplay. You're here Mondays and Fridays. The jokes don't get any better, folks.

Anyway, you also enjoy MAGIC. You know it's not real, but that doesn't stop you from collecting a lot of WIZARDRY PARAPHERNALIA. Your block contains so much of this BULLSHIT sometimes it's hard to walk around, and you really need to clean some of it up.

You are always up for a good GAME, though rather than games like Flarp, you tend to go for GAMES OF CHANCE. You're not terribly good at them, though. Oh, who are you kidding; you couldn't bluff your way out of a FIBROUS GROCERY SACK. Thankfully, you try to never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Your trolltag is incongruouslySatirical and ***you speak v!brantly an:D l!ghtheartedly!***

Title Edit

Methan is the Mage of Tears. Because the Mage has yet to receive story elaboration, nothing can be said yet.

Planet Edit

Methan's planet is the Land of Games and Wizards, inhabited by turtles. LOGAW mostly consists of flat grasslands, the only features being turtle villages and inconspicuous objects perfect for hiding behind. Hiding behind these objects, such as bushes, trees, and rock formations, are LOGAW's wizards: bearded men in long robes with stars and moons printed on them. Upon leaping out, the wizard will challenge you to a duel at whatever game they demand and summon a table with whatever they may need. The turtles are always worried about encountering such wizards, as declining their duels tends to anger them. Turtles are always worried in every session.

Though, recently, the wizards have been far more aggressive instead of lighthearted, actually threatening the turtle villages. On top of this, underlings roam the land. The turtles suspect this is because of the Denizen, Chernobog, but only the Mage can calm him, and the wizards, down.

Hive Edit

Methan's hive was the penthouse of a communal hivestem in the downtown area of a small city, granted to him by his status as a blueblood. He often frequented the underground comedy clubs in the area surrounding his hivestem. Upon transport to Sgrub, the penthouse was spawned on the ground of LOGAW, rather than on top of a tall structure like other hivestem dwellers, as there are no tall objects on LOGAW.

Trivia Edit

Methan is a corrupted form of methane, a large component of Uranus' atmosphere; "Yurnas" is a corrupted form of the planet's name itself.

Dariox     Outhra     TheUltamate

Sage of Rite Othuriteclear
Planetstucksol Sonnen Soleil

Maid of Heart Heart
Planetstuckmercury Aligor Luguse

Thief of Hope Hope
Planetstuckvenus Venera Libert

Gent of Tech Othutechclear
Planetstuckearth Gaiano Aurore

Wraith of Shade Othushadeclear
Planetstuckluna Nubium Lleuad

Knight of Fate Othufateclear
Planetstuckmars Cadros Noachi

Thane of Time Time
Planetstuckceres Poales Gerere

Rogue of Blood Blood
Planetstuckvesta Agoraa Meteos

Heir of Dream Othudreamclear
Planetstuckjupiter Praxid Ganyme

Sylph of Breath Breath
Planetstucksaturn Shania Encela

Mage of Tears Othutearsclear
Planetstuckuranus Methan Yurnas

Sleuth of Doom Doom
Planetstuckneptune Nectan Thalas

Douche of Tides Othutidesclear
Planetstuckpluto Summar Nidras

Witch of Hue Othuhueclear
Planetstuckhaumea Hiiaka Namaka

Smith of Keys Othukeysclear
Planetstuckmakemake Tangat Amanuu

Hand of Rage Rage
Planetstuckeris Millon Eridos

Seer of Space Space
Planetstucksedna Tariuq Hwaael

Scourge of Mind Mind
Planetstucknemesis Riyela Mekini

The Othustuck Expansion     Sgrub_S2

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