Kobold Kupfer
i don't think i quite understand your sarcastic witticism.


Rogue of Life


7 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

all lowercase, apart from that immaculate syntax, fond of using big words to impress others.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Growth and Thaw

Introduce yourself!Edit

You are Kobold Kupfer. You are a people person, though you enjoy going off and having adventures! You used to FLARP, but gave it up because you were no good at it. Being a lowblood and being raised by your Komodomom, she taught you all about the hierarchy. So, you tend to have the unfortunate habit of mindlessly obeying any highblood or seadweller. You’ve gotten better at curbing the habit, but if they command you expressly, well, it’s your place. Right?

Any more information?Edit

 You like to adventure. A LOT. You could spend hours traversing the planet, sailing the oceans, and meeting new people! Sometimes they don’t want to meet you, but that’s okay, you guess. You use your trusty Chiselkind. You used to use Pickaxekind, but you’re a skinny little twig and carrying it around hurt.

Your fetch modus is Twister and that means you need to twist your fingers into all sorts of positions to unlock it! While it’s fun, it takes a while so you mainly carry your strife in your coat or on your toolbelt. You don’t wear your toolbelt much more, seeing as you don’t have the heart to take out your Pickaxekind.

Your moirail used to be Romlus Iremus, until he got chopped in half. You don’t talk about it. You’re currently looking for a hatecrush, since flushcrushes aren’t your style.

I hear you're interested in the First Session. Who was your ancestor?Edit

Your ancestor was The Renegade, also known as the Artiste Arsonist or the Graffiti Guerilla (even if it's missing an 'r'- you think she wasn't very well educated, seeing as your blood caste were usually not taught.) You will need to do further research.


Her first name, Kobold, is a German folk creature who helped around houses, on ships, or lived in mines.

Her last name, Kupfer, means Copper.

Her sign resembles a cave entrance with shadow, alluding to mines, and so does her strife. (Chisel)

Regarding her past moirail, Romlus Iremus, alludes to Romulus and Remus, Romulus killing his brother (and then founding Rome, which is the reason he's blueblooded.) 

Her lusus, a Komodo Monitor (Komodo 'dragon' alludes to Terezi's, another Libra's, lusus.) 

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