Verein Nyncha
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Knight of Sound


8 Sweeps

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Almost no errors, umlauts over all vowels.



Strife Specibi





Land of Blades and Lead

Verein Nyncha, also known by his handle, indigenousNocturne, is a troll of a yet-to-be-had session of Sgrub. He lives on Alternia, but was forced to relocate to a cavern at the death of his lusus. He was trained by his lusus in several fighting styles, making him a surprisingly good fighter, despite his laid back nature.


When he was young, his lusus taught him various fighting techniques, and gave him a pair of knives to train with. Verein's lusus was killed when he was four sweeps of age, forcing him to relocate. He left in the night, fleeing into the forest. He snuck past a group of fighting trolls, and eventually came to the edge of the forest and a cliff. He wandered for a while, coming across a cavern. He made his home here, and over time he built a power source and modified the entrance with booby traps for intruding trolls.

Since then, he has improved his fighting and taken an interest in earth music, particularly heavy metal. His friends contacted him and told him about this new game they have found, and how they are going to play it together. He agreed, and recieved a package containing two copies soon after.


Verein was raised to know that there is good in others, and there is bad. In a world full of murderers and few true souls, he had only been able to go outside at night, and even then it was really dangerous. There, he spent countless nights staring at a moon over Alternia. He is laid back, and typically doesn't get angry often. When he does get angry, however, it doesn't end well. Since he found Earth's heavy metal music, he has found a way to escape the constant stress put on him by living without a lusus and having to fend for himself.

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