Schlan Serpen

Schlan Serpen2


Schlan Prospit2

Schlan God tier2

I really think thisss guy wont contribute for usss. He'sss probably only here for my sssnack pack.


Rogue of Blood


6 Alternian Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Figure it out yourssselvesss.


Snake (Chinese)

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Ambhibi Modus


You tend to sort of, not get to close to people in case you lose them.


Land of Deserts and Amphibious Creatures


Be that nerdy kid

Now that is just offensive to call you nerdy! Ugh, you geuss he's right. You are 6 sweeps old and a bunch of other larval awakening stuff you should be familiar with by now! But, back to the point.

Your name is SCHLAN SERPEN. You have many interest, though you love things like snakes and lizards an stuff! You tend to be accident prone, explaining your cracked glasses, and you are also very friendly. You do not like to get close to people, because you don't like to lose them. But you still have alot of friends, off course! You wish you could live in a desert but, eh? At least you got it pretty good now. you also like to talk like thisss, though it sssorta getsss hard to type like thisss, but it'sss worth it!


Well, mostly everyone calls you a 'sssweetie!', though you try to act cool. The majority of the time you are very happy and friendly, though need some time to except a newcomer. You have many friends though no morails, matesprits, kismesiss, our auspictices. You love adventure but never alone, you always bring a partner! Adventuring isss jussst, ssso, much, FUN!






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