Humnia Sareri
Space symbol





don'7 you worry d3ar, i'll b3 always h3r3 to ><elp.


Maid of Space

Screen Name


Typing Style

Chang3s T, H and E to 7, >< and 3 r3sp3c7iv3ly, and us3s a v3ry formal sp3ak.


The Eye of Máter

Strife Specibi

Scissors Kind

Fetch Modus



Land of Water and Frogs


Matesprit ♥


Moirail ♦

Knitri Hemhok

Auspistice ♣

Her to Uniani Umigres and Tuniah Soati

Kismesis ♠


Swap to the polite girlEdit

A very interesting one, indeed. She acts as a lusus/mother/moirail to Knitri, since his' died before he was even 4 sweeps old. Always defending him. Their relationship could be categorized as what the humans call, Mother and Son, yet this is not an existing thing on Alternia. She always drive her interests to protecting Knitri or being incredible sophisticated, she is one, if not the only, that cares about clothes and fashion. She is a good artisan and can knit very well, most abilities teached by Nyua. Her good manners and sophistication came from her lusus, which still alive, but do not talk with her as frequently as before.

Her sign resembles of the Máter faction, the ones which were the peoples caring role in the 12 factions, all are incredible at manners and for civility, making them the best social politics, anyone baring it's sign will play an important role into it's society or small group, as a common sense.

Session Troll Players
Name Moon Role
Uniani Humigres Prospit Knight of DoomDoom Symbol
Nyua Sadioha Derse Sylph of LifeLife Symbol
Kjui Yuju Prospit Page of VoidVoid9
Humnia Sareri Derse Maid of SpaceSpace symbol
Tenia Junhi Prospit Rougue of TimeTime
Tuniah Soati Derse Bard of HopeHopeoutline
Puhji Doind Prospit Witch of HeartHeart symbol
Loik Surti Derse Seer of RageRage Symbol
Fuhi Soati Prospit Thief of MindMindthing
Iuyti Garinze Derse Mage of Blood 32px-Blood
Surioko Thuist Prospit Prince of Breath Breath symbol
Knitri Hemhok Derse Heir of Light Light2

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