Lieech Gorpus





Typing Quirk



Mark of Khorne


Bonecarving Modus

Strife Specibus


Make some art!Edit


You have a variety of interests, including CORPSE SCULPTING, SINGING, FIRE, AND READING. Of course, since your hive is underwater, your PYROMANIA is a bit difficult to embrace. Fortunatly, your lusus, a CADAVER TURTLE, likes to bring back CORPSES for you to make into BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK. But when it goes out on it's long excursions, you like to visit the LIBRARY ISLAND with all kinds of neat books. Many Alternian poems you have decided to learn how to sing.

You make a lot of friends with your SWEET DISPOSITION, but you are INCREDIBLY TRUSTING and HORRIBLE JUDGE OF CHARACTER. The other trolls your color think you are TOO NICE TO LOWBLOODS. Your VAST KINDNESS sickens them.

Everything is wonderful!Edit

You are an AMAZING ARTIST. You can use corpses to make WONDERFUL SCULPTURES, and FANTASTIC JEWELRY, as well as using blood to paint PRETTY PICTURES. The other trolls find this to be a tad disturbing, but you have no clue why.

Also, you have a MAGNIFCENT SINGING VOICE. You sing all sorts of lyrics to the seas, and you get tons of LOYAL ANIMAL LISTENERS. The other trolls think this is FUCKING STUPID.

Hey, look at the modus!Edit

You use the CARVING MODUS. This involves a bone that randomly pops out of nowhere. You have to carve the intended object onto it in order to retrieve it.

Fighting? Why would I do that?Edit

You prefer to BEFRIEND poeple rather than fight them. However, if the need arises, you can resort to SAWKIND, which makes heavy use of BONESAWS. You also like LIGHTING ENEMIES ON FIRE. That's fun too.

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