Blanca Catber
[[File:Blanca sprite|250px]]
No, no. Do not draw a dick on my face. I will fucking draw a dick on yours if you do this.


Page of Mind


7 Alternian Solar Sweeps old (16 Earth years)

Screen Name


Screen Name


Typing Style

Copies the quirk of whoever she is directly talking to. f0r example, if she were t0 talk t0 aradia, she w0uld talk like this


Question Mark

Strife Specibi

Markerkind, Paintbrushkind

Fetch Modus



Land of Canvas and Smears


Art, creativity, peacefulness

Blanca Catber (or her respective trollhandle, insomniacArtist) is a troll who lacks a face. This is obviously because of her first name Blanca, which is Spanish for "white". Catber is most likely a pun on "cat purr", despite not having a cat lusus.

Personality Edit

Blanca is creative, carefree, and free-spirited. She is happiest when doing her own thing, which is mostly painting boring paintings. If one happens to be good friends with ol' Blanc, she will let them draw a face on her with her giant marker, which she carries with her at all times. She curses rather escessively when angered, which can be rare because she almost never loses her temper.

Trivia Edit

  • Blanca Catber is most likely based off of Blanca from the Animal Crossing series. They both have no face, share the same first names, and will let you draw a face on them. The fact that her last name, Catber, is a pun on "cat purr", further proves this, because Animal Crossing's Blanca is also a cat.
  • When questioned about her blank face, Blanca seems to always reply with "I don't know why I've been lacking a face. I guess I was born that way, I dunno."

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