InterludeAnticline -after EB-

Enter NameEdit

Your name is Siegen Alexis.

You are apparently paranoid. The fact that you have no memory of several parts of your life, and that a while ago you clearly remeber being trolled by someone claiming to be an omnicsient being from another dimenson clearly have not helped at all. As a result of this, you can be rather paranoid at times. For example, you do not trust your computer or anything on it. Nor do you trust the outside world, which has apparently canged several times since last time you saw it. You do not trust planets where people just go missing like that. Not at all. We're serious here. Actually, how do we know it's even the same planet? It could be a different planet just made to look the same. Either way, it's untrustworthy.

The one thing you do trust is good hard SCIENCE, and because everyone else went missing a while ago you're forced to do it on yourself. Most of it you learnt from the conversations with the crazy guy because aparrently he's a biologist or something. You can tell it's the truth because he can just send the messages to your head. And you can tell he's good because you're still alive. Yes, admittedly you have these blue horn-like things sticking out of your face and you don't know what they are, but then again everything has side effects. Everything.

Quite recently you saw this memo or something, but you don't dare reply to it in case it means the people will know you're here. Instad, you're going to go over there and investigate. You're sure whoever started it is behind all this.

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