Cuupro Tiloct update.
Cuupro Tiloct




The Knight of Mind

Typing Quirk

Always types in Italics. Uses perfect grammar and spelling, other than the emoticons he sometimes uses. His quirk is that he doesn't have a quirk.

0_0: I don't Know how to respond to this.

0A0: Contemplative ( The A is him holding his hands infront of his face)

Strife Specibi

polearmkind and pistolkind

Fetch modus



Arcrin Sundor: Moirail Arboreocephalopod:Lusus The Observer : Ancestor

Blood Color

Olive Green

Dreams On:



Land of Metal and Gas

Your name is CUUPRO TILOCT. You are approximately 6 SOLAR SWEEPS in age. You're passion is LEARNING. You love to READ BOOKS and WATCH DOCUMENTARIES. You plan on becoming a SCIENTIST, specializing in the research of ADVANCED PHYSICS, that you will use to IMPROVE THE FLEETS OF THE GLORIOUS ALTERNIAN EMPIRE. You have benn told by your friends that you are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, and CULLING NECESSITY TESTS have confirmed this. You have an ARBOREAO-CEPHALOPOD for a lusus. You think she's great, and you have had many an intelligent discussion with her. You are a real STICKLER FOR THE RULES, and value order greatly. You can also be a bit UN-INTENTIONALLY SELFISH, HIGHLY CAUTIOUS, A BIT EGOTISTICAL, and CONDESCENDING TO IDIOTS, as well as ECCENTRIC and SOMEWHAT LACKING IN SOCIAL GRACES. However, you are generally very POLITE and AMIABLE. You are not a usually violent individual, but you have a STRONG VENGEFUL STREAK. Other than learning, you also enjoy PLAYING GAMES, though not FLARP, you find it too dangerous. You prefer games similar to FLARP, but with lower stakes. You are rather good at them, since you employ a combination of your PSIONIC TALENTS, and SEVERAL POWERFUL POLEARMS AND PISTOLS you've obtained in your campaigns. Other than that, you also enjoy WATCHING SCI-FI MOVIES and WEARING YOUR AWESOME CAPE. You are, as previously stated, a psychic. You can employ telekinesis, as well as fire blasts of psionic energy. Your culling necesity test showed that your psychic abilities were of MODERATE STRENGTH. Your trolltag is IntriguedAnalyst (IA) and you don't support the breaking of grammatical or spelling standards, but type in Italics to appease the "Typing quirk" social norms. You tend to use rather advanced vocabulary as a component of your standard Lexicon.

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