==Be Damnos

FuckyouGuys IhaveProblemstoo

Artier ==

You are now Damnos Artier. you hate alot of things,





does not use spaces, because he just wants to get talking to anyone over with. also capitalizes the first letter of every other word.

Blood Color:


Strife Specibus:

Shotgunkind / bayonettekind


the greek capital letter Theta


Eight Alternian Solar Sweeps (roughly 16 years old in Earth years)


Target. has to throw bayonette at a target with an image of the item that is wanted.

mainly yourself and that stupid voice in the back of your head. being a blue blood you are kind of expected to be a little vicious, but you take it to a whole new level, what with your murderous tendencies and all, you cant help it though, HE is just to hard to hold back sometimes. despite dealing with THAT guy most of the time, you tend to have a relatively normal life, and go on hating everyone and telling it to their faces.

Tell us more about this "voice".Edit

Do you have to? fine. he's a bit of an asshole, scratch that, a TOTAL asshole. he is definately crazy and likes to kill other trolls with no provacation. and it is becoming aparent that you seem to be describing yourself, minus the killing trolls part. okay, he does have a name, at least a title, you dont know his real name. he calls himself the PRINCE and apparently hates music, which you have to listen to 24/7 to keep him at bay. his kill count currently stands at 56 and a half (dont ask), and you hate him more than you hate anything else.

your trolltag is iydenDarksun and you SpeakveryFastandTendtoRaiseyourVoiceoccasionally

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