Ajakra Plorus


Prince of Doom


7 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Types very formally and refuses to use abbreviations or slang.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Lava and Ruins

Character Description Edit

You are now Ajakra Plorus. You have a genetic abnormality, which causes you to have BLACK BLOOD. As a result of this, no lusus accepted you. Your rare mutation grants several PSYCHIC ABILITIES, but these can be very dangerous. If you have not mastered an ability, it kills you. The only ones you can use are MENTAL COMMUNICATION and LOW-LEVEL PSIONICS. You like TECHNO and COMPUTER GAMES. You use DAGGERS as your weapon and collect ones that are VERY ORNATE.


During your Sgrub session, you ascended to God Tier (you ditched the costume pretty quick) and your team managed to create a new universe. Shortly after creating the universe though, you figured out that the Black Queen was not dead, she found and killed some of your team and then blinded you by cutting your eyes. There were only seven out of thirteen people left, and the team had to go into hiding. You started losing control of the destructive impulses that are in a Prince as you went insane from being blinded. You left hiding and rampaged through your session, killing consorts and carapacians. After mastering your Prince abilities, you could immediately kill anything by "destroying it with doom", or you could "destroy doom" and revive something. You went to find the Black Queen and killed for to get revenge, but your lust for destruction was not satisfied. You went on to kill every remaining member of your team. When you killed the final member, you decided to use your PSYCHIC POWERS. However, in your insanity, you used one that you had not mastered. This killed you and them. As a ghost you could not forgive yourself and stayed in solitude for eons, until the ghost of one of your team members showed up. You gradually began talking to your friends again, and they forgave you for what you did. The Mage of Time in your group even figured out that it would have resulted in a doomed timeline if you had not killed everyone and the Seer of Life also learned something while dead, which was that everybody in the session would be revived someday. On that day, they would finally fulfill their destiny as gods.

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