Zenera Coreti


Were you looking for me, dear? Don't worry, I am here.


Seer of Faith

Screen Name


Typing Style

Normal grammar and syntax, speaks in rhymes

Strife Specibi



== >Be the rhyming jadeblood.

Your name is ZENERA CORETI. You are a JADEBLOOD. Your HIVE, which is rather SMALL and has only one ROOM, has been carefully suspended in the AIR with gratuitous use of PILLARS and a few CHAINS. A SPIRAL STAIRCASE allows you to get down. It's also located in the heart of a dark FOREST, which is rather FOREBODING to everyone but you. You also have a notable fondness for anything TRIBAL, and have several MASKS lying around your RESPITEBLOCK. There's also a CAULDRON in the middle of the room, which you use primarily to make FOOD for your LUSUS.

Your trolltag is jadeiteZebra and you prefer to speak in rhymes, at least, most of the time.


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