Fevena symbol
Fevena Zaturo


Fevena dream

Fevena god

oh+ hey dere sweetie++++


Thief of Heart


8 Sweeps (18 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

replaces ! with + (mirroring her symbol) and th with d


some kind of gothic cross

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

 Combination (an item is chaptalogued as a numerical combination displayed for a few seconds, you have to remember the combination to retrieve the item)


Lusus: Patootie (strange Betta-fish creature)

The Aphrodite: Ancestor

Ferlus Zaturo: Dancestor

Ex-kismesis: Eaglei Aquila

Kismesis: Linxia Purris

Matesprit: Rennon Ferris


being sassy, flirting with everyone


Love Rivals


Barbie Girl


Be the flirting troll

your name is FEVENA ZATURO, and you are a wealthy HIGHBLOOD of the highest LANDWELLING grade, but this is not your priority, your priority is to FILL QUADRANTS in the SHORTEST time possible, you don't know why but you have some kind of GIFT for QUADRANTS understanding and flirting, the only problem is that your MATESPRIT doesn't appreciate it and also it's pretty hard when there's ANOTHER quadrant rival in your list, well at least you filled the KISSMESSITUDE quadrant with her, hope it doesn't FINISH like the PREVIOUS one.

Your screenName is jovialFanciness, what are you gonna do?


Write a third person summary of your Troll's personality.


Write something here about your Troll's life before their session.


Write something here about your Troll's session(How it went, what role they played, etc.)


  • Fevena is a random name i made... same for Zaturo
  • Her TrollianHandle is also random.
  • Her God Tier title is linked to the fact that she flirts with everyone, this comes from an old phrase that says: "stealing the heart of everyone"

special thanks to LunarSplendens for the sprite tweaking

  • Her original sprite

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