Itmael Cerman

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as a matter ☀f fact, i think y☀ur ideas are pretty fu☾king shitty, but let's d☀ it anyway.


Muse/Maid of Breath


7 Alternian Solar Sweeps (14 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of


Your name is ITMAEL CERMAN. You are SEVEN SOLAR SWEEPS old, which is roughly equivalent to FOURTEEN EARTH YEARS. 

Your interests include RIDICULOUSLY SOPPY LOVE POETRY, WIND CHIMES, and QUILTING. You like to combine these interests by WRITING POETRY about WINDCHIMES and EMBROIDERING POEMS onto QUILTS.

Generally speaking, you are not an OUTGOING PERSON, and prefer to stay in your hive and read poetry, or cuddle your pythonmother. GOSH DARN do you love Pythonmum. She is the BEST.

As you have QUITE A LOW BLOOD COLOUR, you tend to GET COLD EASILY. Because of this, you like to spend time SNUGGLING IN YOUR QUILTS, with Pythonmum and your favourite poetry books.

any questions? shoot me a message on tumblr!

>Explore your hive. Edit

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