Gryhmm NFutyl

Blood/Text color

Green /#00ae00

Typing Quirk

Ends all words greater than 1 letter capitalized with ^





Strife Specibus



Pudgey Armadilo about average troll height.

Your name is Gryhmm Nfutyl
You are obsessed with trying to make yourself more CHEERFUL despite the knowledge of an UNKNOWN CURSE placed on you by a 'friend's mistaken ~ATH coding attempt! Apparently the only way you can escape the CURSE is you HAVE to be CHEERFUL ALL THE TIME.
You are still debating whether this itself is actually the curse.
Your PURSUITS involve misguided attempts at TROLL ALCHEMY and DESSERT CREATION. Often these attempts go hand in hand. Sadly, none of your troll friends have been game to try the Midas Crystal Meringue you made.
Your strife specibus is blowtorchKind.
You store your items in your trusty alchemiModus which stores elements according to alchemy recipes.
Your lusus was a pudgey armadillo until it tasted some of that Meringue. You have still yet to tell other trolls how you got that golden crystal memorial statue of it.'

Optimistic: curse prevention
Inventive: likes mixing things
Gullible: believes things too easily
Frustrated: at his situation
Weak: physically
Your trolltag is lemonCyanide [LC]and you speak ....witH^ a begrudginG^ optimisM^

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