Wythen Ellkoe

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UUell this is all the stupid I can tolerate for today.

Screen Name


Typing Style

UUill replace W's with two u's.


Sliced Planet

Strife Specibi


You are Wythen Ellkoe, the last of the lime bloods. You know that can't be true, but it is too bad-ass of a title to give up. You have survived the genocide of your people, thanks to your lusus secretly sending you to another planet. Due to a violent and daring excape, you have deep scars all over your face. You let your hair grow long to cover them since it. You live in caves, inhabited with with slimy creatures you call Sluggies. You love to build and create, so in your spare time you construct miniature buildings for the Sluggies. You secretly find them adorable, but you are way to tough to admit it. On your planet you found a temple guarding a time capsule.The time is set right around when you turn 7 solar sweeps. You don't remember your age though, and frankly have lost touch with all troll culture. You don't care.

SGrub SessionEdit

When the time capsule opened, you received a disk for what appears a video game. Using your remaining Alternia technology and your great programming skills, you start a session. When you think you are getting the hang of it, and then everything goes wrong. You release your Kernelsprite and prototype it with the antler horns of your deceased lusus. You anticipate a Lusus Sprite, but instead receive the Antlerprite. You then realize how stupid you really are. Later on you are sent to the Planet of Gold and Rivers. After going through hoards of devilish Nymphs, you find the quest bed. You literally swim up a waterfall, and climb on the bed. Right before you slaughter yourself, the Antlersprite makes a move and merges with you. You ascend to god tier as half sprite. Your horns turn to ghostly green, and can be used as weapons. You look at your god tier pajamas and watch as it becomes detailed with green. Shadows pulse through your veins, and you feel the power of all existence and dimensions at your fingertips. You are the Heir of Space.

Wythen's Best friend Chris fantroll 2 Chris fantroll glasses


Troll images and Homestuck characters belong to Andrew Hussie

Fantroll art by Willrd and Corpseguide (CG) Story by Willrd

Sprite Prince of Doom (1)

Willrd (talk) 22:04, March 12, 2014 (UTC)

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