Linx symbol
Linxia Purris


Linxia dream

Linxia god

Grrrrrreetings my fe££ow friends, wou£d you £ike to £isten to some of my music?


Mage of Rage

Screen Name


Typing Style

replaces "gr" with "grrrrrr" (example grrrrreat) and l with £


Celtic symbol for life

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Prey (chaptalogue something as a prey, you need to capture it to retrieve an item)


Linxy: lusus

The Huntress: Ancestor

Emeria Purris: Dancestor

Sirinx Saturn: Moirail

Fevena Zaturo: Kismesis


Hunting, videogames, mellow music


rap, slothful people


He Has Gone Away


Be the CUTE Linx girl

Your name is LINXIA PURRIS, and as your FELLOW friends say you are the kind of hot headed HUNTER who always find the occasion to go HUNTING, and having a linx-lusus only increase your need to go hunting.

When you are not hunting you spend your time playing VIDEOGAMES and listen to MELLOW MUSIC, that music relax you so much, at least more than that fucking rap.. but this is another story, also as a GREAT hunter you also try to live for yourself, instead of being all lazy and doing nothing like some people you know, you just hate the tought of being slothful.

Your ScreenName is linxDharma, what are you gonna do?


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  • Linxia comes from a transformation of "linx", which is linked to her hunting personality and to her lusus
  • Purris is a transfomation of "purr" the sound that cats do when cuddled, yep i know that linx don't purr but the original sprite had Nepeta-like teeth, so i kept the original surname... maybe i have to change it.
  • Her Trollian handle comes from Linx, which is the animal linked to her and Dharma, which is a sanscrit term that means "philosophy" , this is linked to her "linxy" personality.

Special thanks to LunarSplendens for the sprite tweaking

This character is a character of "ShadowStuck", an adventure created by the user Psycholamps

  • Her original sprite

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