Aradni Mintel

Aradni abound




Typing Quirk:

Stutters randomly, no punctuation unless used for EMPHASIS!

Blood Caste:

Dark green (#006600)

Strife Specbius:

Staffkind, Trumpetkind


8 Sweeps


Kitchen Timer modus

Relationships and such


Coraxe Acipit (prolixCorvid)







Enter Name.Edit

Your name is ARADNI MINTEL, but people can call you ARA, or RADNI, or ARI, or you know what, they can just call you WHATEVER THEY WANT. You're sort of a PUSHOVER that way. You're far too much of a COWARD to tell them that you don't like nicknames. You have a variety of interests, the most prominent of which being your MUSIC. You have an odd fascination with MUSIC, a thing which most trolls find BORING and, at worst, SOMEWHAT REPULSIVE. This depresses you, but does not deter you. You love MUSIC so much, in fact, that you have TRUMPETKIND allocated to your STRIFE SPECIBUS. However, you do not play the TRUMPET at all, so this is very impractical. The only hope you have of fighting off POTENTIAL ENEMIES is if you frighten them with your HORRIBLE LOUD NOISES. Or you suppose you could hit them over the head with it, but what's the point in destroying a PERFECTLY GOOD INSTRUMENT? You do, however, play the VIOLIN quite well.

You also have an interest in BOOKS, specifically FANTASY NOVELS. You hope to someday be a VALIANT KNIGHT, dressed in SHINING ARMOR. Failing that, you would like to be a POWERFUL SORCERESS, or even a TRAVELLING BARD. Ah, the lives of heroes... You wish you could be a LEGENDARY HERO, but that's RIDICULOUS. They just don't make LEGENDARY HEROES anymore. This fact makes you UNBELIEVABLY DEPRESSED. While you have not yet tried more EXTREME ROLEPLAYING, you have played TABLETOP RPGS over the INTERNET with your FRIENDS, where you play a SUMPTUOUS LADY KNIGHT by the name of GRANITRIA NIGHTRANE. You also have a passing interest in DRAWING and PAINTING. You used to have a PASSING INTEREST in HORTICULTURE, but after getting lost in the MANARA FOREST for a PERIGREE with no SOPOR SLIME, you've given that up in favor of a CRIPPLING FEAR OF ALL PLANTS.

Your trolltag is littleTeacup, and you s-sometimes sp-speak with a b-b-bit of a s-st-stutter.

Examine Room.Edit

Your room is fairly neat for a young troll of your age. Your BOOKS are arranged into NEAT PILES around your RECUPERACOON, arranged alphabetically by author. One of the PILES is dedicated to your ROLEPLAYING GUIDES, which you use in your MILD ROLEPLAYING GAMES. You like to be neat like that, it makes things so easy to find! Your walls are plastered with MOVIE POSTERS--ou love FANTASY MOVIES in particular--and your own DRAWINGS. However, the posters and drawings are arranged NEATLY and ARTISTICALLY, no poster overlapping with another. From your window, you can see the GIANT-ASS FIELD you live in. Just GRASS and REALLY BORING GRASS as far as the eye can see. The field is surrounded by the CREEPY and POSSIBLY HAUNTED FOREST that you live in near-constant fear of, after being lost for nearly an entire perigree in it. You swear you've looked death in the eye, although that may have been hallucinations from lack of sopor rest. Fortunately, you cannot see the forest from your hive, but if you did you would probably stay up at night watching it. You don't trust plants. You know that there are BURROWS and NESTS hidden somewhere in the tall grass, however. Your LUSUS, a massive RED FOX, even has one, though you've set up a BED for her in your HIVE, which she won't sleep in. You sometimes wish that you could spend more time with her, but you can't really complain. She does bring you your MEALS every day, after all. Well, ALMOST EVERY DAY. You just wish you could GET TO KNOW HER a little better. You don't know much about her, but you are SURE that she is the BEST LUSUS IN THE WORLD, maybe even THE UNIVERSE!

Well, you're PRETTY SURE.

Your various MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS sit on shelves, organised alphabetically. You must have almost EVERY INSTRUMENT KNOWN TO TROLLKIND, though you don't know how to play them all yet. You are best at your assortment of STRINGED INSTRUMENTS, your VIOLIN in particular. You hope to someday bring MUSIC to the HEARTS OF TROLLS EVERYWHERE, though you probably won't. Your HUSKTOP doubles as a RECORDING DEVICE, where you record your UNFINISHED SYMPHONIES. At one point you had some PLANTS in FLOWERPOTS balanced on your WINDOWSILL, but you have since SMASHED them, thinking them UNTRUSTWORTHY after your PERIGREE in the FOREST.

Currently, however, you're living in your MATESPRIT'S RESPITEBLOCK. You've tidied the place up a bit, but it's still A BIT OF A MESS. You spend most of your TIME here, hiding from the various CANNIBALS and HAIR TENTACLE BEASTS that your MATESPRIT associates with. It's a terrifying experience, really.

Examine SelfEdit

You are very short, a little over five feet, although counting your HORNS you're between SIX and SEVEN feet, and your hair goes down almost to your waist. You cut it yourself, so it looks a bit ragged and not at all flattering. There's no one around here to impress, due to the fact that you live in a GIANT FUCKING FIELD so you don't particularly care about looks. You almost always wear your favorite OVERSIZED GREEN COAT, which you found on the body of a TROLL who died in the FOREST when you were TWO SWEEPS OLD. Your lusus had taken you out to practice your HUNTING SKILLS, which you were REALLY BAD AT. You still are, in fact. You get most of your CLOTHES from TROLLS who die in the MANARA FOREST, which is very large and very dangerous, and so most of your WARDROBE doesn't fit you at all. You have to draw your SYMBOL on the clothes yourself.

You are very, very SHY, and ALMOST CRIPPLINGLY NERVOUS. Almost everything makes you WORRIED, which means you practically go into hysterics whenever something LEGITIMATELY WORRYING happens. Recently, whenver something LEGITIMATELY WORRYING or UPSETTING happens, you've either stolen your MATESPRIT'S MEAD or your MATESPRIT'S MOIRAIL'S HALLUCINOGENIC FUNGUS, both of which are very strong. It's not exactly the healthiest of habits, but it works for you, or at least it has so far.

You tend to not think VERY HIGHLY of yourself; you love MUSIC and ART, but consider yourself UNTALENTED on both counts. You also consider yourself HORRIBLE at HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT, but you could undoubtedly at least hold your own in an ACTUAL FIGHT, considering your LUSUS is a bit NEGLECTFUL, often leaving you to FEND FOR YOURSELF for PERIGREES. You wouldn't stand a chance against anything REALLY BIG, like a MUSCLEBEAST, though. You usually assume the BEST of OTHER PEOPLE. You usually don't express your REAL OPINIONS with people you don't know, and will usually agree with JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY SAY, at least until you know them PRETTY WELL. Or until they REALLY PISS YOU OFF. Lately, you've started working on your HORRIBLE CRIPPLING SHYNESS, and this has really helped your self-confidence! You're a little less apologetic now, although you still apologize, on average, about five times per conversation.

You're also very protective of your FRIENDS, and you've made it your DUTY to make sure that NOBODY EVER GETS HURT EVER. Yes, it is a SILLY and UNREALISTIC MISSION, but you absolutely hate it whenever SOMEBODY GETS HURT OR DIES. This probably has something to do with why you want to be a KNIGHT.

Allocate Strife Specibus.Edit

As previously mentioned, you have TRUMPETKIND allocated to your STRIFE SPECIBUS. However, this is PRETTY MUCH USELESS, so you also have STAFFKIND, which pretty much amounts to WAVING AROUND A BIG STICK. This is only SLIGHTLY LESS USELESS. After breaking your best STAFF, who you had named MR. STICKLY, to make a MAKESHIFT SPLINT for you LUSUS' BROKEN LEG, your MATESPRIT gave you a METAL STAFF with a RETRACTABLE BLADE, which you immediately dubbed MR. POKEY.

You do have a collection of SHITTY FAKE SWORDS hidden behind your RECUPERACOON, but they would probably be COMPLETELY USELESS in combat. You hope that someday you will learn to use an HONORABLE WEAPON like a sword, but for now you are stuck with what you have.

Examine Modus.Edit

You're currently using the KITCHEN TIMER MODUS. Each item you captchalogue is given a timer, which you can set to any time you want, but once the time is set, you can't change it. Once the time is up, the item is expelled from your sylladex.

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