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Levia Zwota / Kalsera Simhik


lucentDrake / lucidDreamer


Midnight Green (#004953) / Powder Blue (#B0E0E6)

Typing Quirk:

Surrounds text with { }, b becomes 6, puts a ~ between double letters / Surrounds text with ~ ~, o becomes *, c becomes (


Cauda Draconis ☋ / Caput Draconis ☊


Adjective Modus / Hue Modus

Strife Specibus

rapierKind / bowKind

SGRUB Session


Envoy of Dreams


Land of Waves and Color

Dream Self






Team Position


{ Oh. I sup~pose I have to fil~l some of my quadrants at some point, don't I. }


Aurora, a wyvern.

Rirfib Nonnac




> Enter Name.Edit

Your name is LEVIA ZWOTA.

You have a variety of CREATIVE INTERESTS, though this is likely because you become BORED WITH THEM after a short period of time. Among these interests are CASUAL ROLEPLAYING, SKETCHING, and WRITING FICTION. You also enjoy FENCING, and usually practice in your hive once a week. You like to think you have gotten PRETTY GOOD AT IT. Your fondness for DRAGONS and SWORDS OF ALL KINDS has influenced you greatly, and you often think of trying out LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAYING. However, you find yourself BORED WITH THE GROUPS YOU TRY TO JOIN.

You are notoriously and scathingly SARCASTIC. It is terribly DIFFICULT for anyone else to TELL when you're being serious and when you're kidding, because even when you're KIDDING, you act serious. This often involves PLAYING ALONG with pranks or jokes to the point you seem like you don't UNDERSTAND IT'S A JOKE, because you always talk with the same UNINTERESTED TONE. But the truth is, you are hardly ever that serious and are EASILY AMUSED, despite what your CRAZY GOOD POKER FACE says. Most of the time the only expression you show is IRRITATION or SKEPTICISM, and it's very rare that any troll gets a REAL SMILE out of you.

You have a vested interest in DREAMS and regularly record them in your LEATHERBOUND JOURNAL. Most of the time you don't try to INTERPRET any of them, but just enjoy them for what they are. This may be related to how you sometimes BLACK OUT and have gaps in your memory. Perhaps you like to IMAGINE your dreams as those LOST MEMORIES, but you're aware that is a silly thought. You haven't bothered to tell anyone about your blackouts, because it doesn't seem to have done you any HARM, and thus, you kind of DON'T CARE.

Your trollTag is lucentDrake and you { Like to em6el~lish your spe~ech. }

> Examine Self.Edit

{ Refrain from staring. If you must lo~ok, take a picture. It wil~l last longer than I am wil~ling to stand here without harming you. Or at least mocking you. }

You are a troll of 7 sweeps of fairly AVERAGE stature, though a bit thin. That does not mean you are WIMPY, however, and you have a fair amount of muscle from CLIMBING the nearby mountains and your practice with your WEAPONS. While you are not necessarily STRONG, you can hold your own in a fight, an ability which you have been required to DEMONSTRATE recently.

You tend to let your WAIST-LENGTH HAIR do what it likes, only BRIEFLY TENDING TO IT in the evening when you WAKE UP, and thus have a few COWLICKS that send a strand of hair into a gravity-defying CURL. It's not really all that IMPORTANT, but you're kind of fond of it.

As for your CLOTHES, you tend to dress PLAINLY in a black turtleneck and slacks, to deal with the often CHILLY weather of the valley you live in. Your formal but practical BOOTS are also suited to the mountain terrain around you, as the TRACTION on them helps you climb whenever you get the urge to LEAVE YOUR HIVE. Speaking of...

> Examine Hive.Edit

{ I wish I lived somewhere nearer to civilization at times. }

Your hive is in a rather SECLUDED MOUNTAIN VALLEY known as the Valley of the Scalebeasts, not far from a RIVER. Because you have to either CLIMB, SWIM, or MAKE A BOAT to go anywhere, you don't get out ALL THAT MUCH. You mostly converse with others through TROLLIAN, but you do make the EFFORT to get out at least ONCE A PERIGEE. When you do meet OTHER TROLLS, you are usually RESERVED and prefer to PICK AND CHOOSE what conversations you get into.

But back to your hive. (More to come!)

> Examine Respiteblock.Edit

{ I try to ke~ep it pleasantly tidy. It is more comforta6le that way. }

Due to your interest in LITERATURE one of the walls of your respiteblock has a HANDSOME BOOKCASE in which you have such volumes as TROLLOCK HOLMES and the works of TROLL NEIL GAIMAN. (More to come!)

> Allocate Strife Specibus.Edit

{ Surely you are not chal~lenging me. }

You take a look at your SPECIBI, and set it to rapierKind. You OCCASIONALLY set it to pencilKind when you are BORED, but that one is more of a way to PASS TIME than an effective method of fighting.

You equip the somewhat-defective ELECTRIC EPEE that Coraxe made for you a while back. It sure is great having people to make COOL WEAPONS for you. You can't wait to get the IMPROVED VERSION. By the way, don't you need that PROTECTIVE GLOVE to make sure you don't shock yourself?

> Examine Fetch Modus.Edit

{ Please don't be the slimy card. }

Your adjective modus is reasonably practical, but at times it can get a bit RIDICULOUS. You have a set amount of DESCRIPTOR CARDS, and each one can hold an item that can REASONABLY FIT the descriptor. If the item does not currently fit it, but could fit it without changing the ESSENCE of the item, it changes your item to fit. For instance, if you were to captchalogue a PAIR OF SCISSORS into the SHINY card, the scissors would then appear to be polished. However, sometimes this can RUIN the functionality of the item, like if you were to put your PAIR OF SCISSORS into the DULL card.

The descriptor set on a card CHANGES every time you remove an object from that card. Sometimes it leaves you in a PREDICAMENT, but you have mostly learned how to ADAPT to its WILY WAYS.

Right now your GLOVE is set to the SOFT card. Easy enough. Oh, and it's all FUZZY on the inside now. How comfy.

> Do Something Awesome.Edit

{ Alright. I don't se~e why not. }

Pulling on the rest of your FENCING OUTFIT, you try a few moves on your PRACTICE DUMMY. It moves thanks to some ELECTRONICS you ordered online, so you're not just doing point control on an unmoving object OVER AND OVER.

After the customary SALUTE, you take up your stance. A slash to the arm, a feint to the right, then with a lunge, you dart the point around the extended arm and--BAM, a stab right in the chest!

> Do Something Silly.Edit

{ O~ops. }

Your sword suddenly JUMPS out of your hand, the blade trying to unbend itself and hitting you SQUARE IN THE FACE. It's a good thing you were wearing that (thankfully not metal) MASK. Maybe you put too much into that LAST ATTACK.

> Examine Chumproll.Edit

{ What is going on. I sud~denly have some sort of social life. }

prolixCorvid - This guy knows how you work. You always look forward to a snarky and/or pleasant conversation with Acipit. He's practical and intelligent, both qualities that you respect. You wonder if perhaps you can meet him on his mountain on sometime, but that pinkblood moirail of his kind of terrifies you. Not that you'd tell anyone that. You would just like to stay in one piece if at all possible.

queasyPacifist - Salom follows a noble ideal, you're sure, but it's not exactly practical or likely in the least. He seems to have grown up a bit, though, and you're glad to see that he's sticking up for himself. You admire his determination in a way, and you would hate to see him die before doing anything significant. You suppose you'd consider him a friend.

variedGreyshades - Rirfib, your matesprit. He's so timid all the time it's adorable. You met him through the trollnet, and after a few conversations, decided to go to a party he was throwing and finally met him in person, where you felt a red spark. Despite your misgivings, you decided to go forward with it, and after asking him to make a visit to your hive, the two of you decided to try a matespritship. It hasn't gone wrong yet, and it won't if you have anything to say about it. You do wish he would stick up for himself a bit more, though.

tenebriousHellfire - Heh. Seknal is the best to antagonize; he gets riled up so easily by you. You know a lot about him, probably too much by his standards. You started out as "friends", and he shared a lot of his secrets with you. Luckily you never told him where you live, so when he went on one of his jealous rampages, you were safe. But you heard the stories and the rumors and put the story together. You like shoving it in his face every now and then.

modularViolet - Cardea told you she knows Rirfib through Trollformers, though she seems to have some sort of rivalry with him. You're not sure why she started talking with you. Not that you mind, you're just curious. What is with all this social life of yours suddenly. Honestly. It's getting a little ridiculous.

> Be The Other Personality.Edit

Your name is KALSERA SIMHIK.

You love COLOR! You try to bring color to everything around you, and it is why you have taken up DESIGNING CLOTHES, PAINTING, PLUSH-MAKING, and INTERIOR DESIGN. You also have vested an interest in the stories of RAINBOW DRINKERS. Sometimes the ROMANTIC THEMES in said stories really appeal to you, and sometimes they just seem a little OVERDRAMATIC and SILLY.

Your favorite color is LIGHT BLUE. It is simply the best there is. It also happens to be your BLOOD COLOR! What other color would your blood be, silly? Thinking it could be anything else would be PREPOSTEROUS. Not that you have ever seen your blood. You are just too careful and too good with your trusty BOW AND ARROW that no one has ever made a scratch on you!

Even better, thanks to your skills, you get to see the BLOOD COLORS of other trolls whenever you fight! You especially love the way that lighter colors CONTRAST with their dark surroundings when smeared across the landscape. Sometimes if you especially LIKE a color, you will collect as much of their blood as you can after they have DIED or RUN OFF. You hide these VIALS OF BLOOD away in a SPECIAL PLACE so that nothing happens to them!

Sometimes people mistake you for SOMEONE ELSE, which is strange, because you are totally UNIQUE. You wish they would stop confusing you with someone named LEVIA!

Your trolltag is lucentDrake and ~ y*u always have su(h a radiant pers*nality! ~

> Examine Other Chumproll.Edit

~ Hmm, wh* t* talk t* t*day? ~

prolixCorvid - What a charmer! You owe Coraxe since he helped you figure out the whole deal with that Levia person. You don't think it'll bother you as much now that you know you're twice as unique! He's kind of funny, too. Not to mention he helped you make some lasers!

queasyPacifist - Salom seems nice enough, you guess! You haven't really had the chance to talk to him all that much. He helped you a bit with figuring things out about Levia. His blood would be a nice green if it wasn't so blinding!

variedGreyshades - Sooooo cuuuute. Your other self's matesprit, and you can see why she picked him. He has such a pretty purple blood color, but honestly, he's not really your type. Too timid and apologizing all over the place! Bleh. For a seadweller he needs to shape up!

octupuleAuspistice - Ocatra is nice enough to talk to, but you haven't had the chance to really get to know her. You wish you could help out with her relationship stuff a little more, though her blood is a little to bright for your tastes.

dilutedHangover - Asudem is so much fun to talk to! She's got a crazy imagination like you, so it was a blast discussing who Levia could be with her. Not that it was anything close to the truth, but hey, you had fun, so that's what matters. And such a pretty blue blood!

modularViolet - Cardea is so much like Rirfib you could swear they were twins, if twins exist on Alternia! They both stutter and apologize all the time. It's a little silly, but you guess it's not so bad. She certainly seems nice, after all! Not the greatest blood color, though. That dull red is so boring.

digitalSamurai - Deviak is pretty cool, you guess! He let you ride in his motorcycle-mech-suit, and that was a lot of fun! You wish you could have hung out with him some more before he died. Oh well.

> Be The Ancestor.Edit

You are now the RECTERRIFIER.

You travel to the ends of Alternia in the name of the Empire, culling the useless and the violent rebels before they can cause any trouble.

> Examine Trivia.Edit

  • Levia is a shortened form of Leviathan, a sea monster mentioned in the bible that is sometimes portrayed as a dragon. Zwota is the approximate pronunciation of Złota, a Polish name meaning "golden." In mythology, Złota Baba ("golden woman") is the name of a goddess of oracles who grants visions and was depicted in gold.
  • Kalsera comes from Kalseru, a rainbow serpent goddess from aboriginal mythology. Simhik is a shortened form of Simhika, the mother of Rahu/Ketu, the being that became associated with the dragon's head/tail (caput/cauda draconis) in Vedic astrology.
  • Kalsera's "blood color" doesn't change her place on the hemospectrum; it's the same hue as Levia's, but has a different brightness and saturation.

> Examine Images.Edit

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