Before you start editing, please make sure you follow Trollslum Wiki's rules!

  1. Please remember to use the four basic categories:
    1. Either Category:Male or Category:Female. Pretty easy to figure out how to use those, huh? If the character demands it, there's also Category:Ambiguous Gender.
    2. Either Category:Troll or Category:Human. Obviously, use Troll if it's a troll, and Human if it's a human. Simple stuff. Please do not use Category:Trollslum if your character is a troll. Use Category:Troll instead.
      1. We've actually had a few cases where Category:Robot would be a thing. Use this if your "troll" was constructed as a robot and was never alive to begin with. In this case, add male/female and blood categories as needed, if the robot has such things.
    3. If it's a troll, add your blood caste. You have several options:
      1. Category:Red Blood: Shades of red, excluding candy red.
      2. Category:Brown/Beige Blood: Brown (akin to Tavros) and beige.
      3. Category:Orange Blood: Like brown, but brighter!
      4. Category:Yellow Blood: Anywhere from bright yellow to more muted Sollux tones.
      5. Category:Lime Blood: Shades of lime, from dull to bright.
      6. Category:Green/Jade Blood: NOT LIME! Includes any other greens and jades. Not teal, either!
      7. Category:Teal/Blue Blood: Anything on the bluer side of green (e.g., teal), and any shade of blue.
      8. Category:Indigo Blood: Landdwelling purples, such as Gamzee.
      9. Category:Violet Blood: Any non-mutant seadwellers, including Tyrian purple.
      10. Category:Pink Blood: Anything above Feferi in color, landdweller or seadweller.
      11. Category:Black/White/Gray Blood: Any monochrome color on the scale of white to black.
      12. Category:Other Blood: This is anything not listed above, including candy red, rainbow, invisible, and ultraviolet.
    4. Add a category with your username. For instance, mine would be Category:TheUltamate.
    5. If you have a category for a session, go ahead and use it.
  2. Any human is allowed, as long as it's properly tagged.
  3. Name articles about trolls/humans using their trolltag/chumhandle, not their real name, please.
  4. No pages for hives, sprites, planets, underlings, denizens, etc. Sessions, however, are definitely okay. Just tag them with your user category (or multiple user categories if there are several contributors) and Category:Sessions.
  5. Quality control: please at least try. While a few misspellings are okay, if you have an obvious spelling problem, we're going to let you know.
  6. I'm not going to say 'anything goes on Trollslum Wiki,' but we're going to be pretty lax with what constitutes as 'offensive.' If enough people demand it, though, we might end up taking down your troll's page.
  7. Be polite. Don't be overly harsh in critique. Seriously, why do I even have to say this? Just be decent people.
  8. You have one warning regarding vandalism, trolling, or flaming. One more offense, you get a one week ban. Beyond that, the bans will escalate. No questions asked.
  9. No, your fantroll is not exempt from these rules.