Gestio Pulcer

Gestio normal

Gestio derse

Gestio god tier


Heir of Heart


6.92 Alternian solar sweeps (15 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

} Perfect grammer and ~yntax. Replace~ 's' with a tidle. Proceed~ every me~~age with a brace.



Strife Specibi

daggerkind and mirrorkind

Fetch Modus

Castekind - Arranges things by how the object's dominate color coordinates with the hemospectrum. Black, white, higher than tyrian, and rainbow objects cannot be picked up.


The Paramour - Ancestor (Deceased)
Carwyn Pulcer - Dancestor
Peacockdad - Lusus/Sprite
Domius Sperao - Kismesis (future)


Land of Gems and Mercury


No information

Gestio Pulcer, also known by his Trollian handle majesticPatrician, is a troll from Another Homestuck Roleplaying Guild on GaiaOnline. His associated symbol is Pavos. His horns are meant to emulate a peacock's neck and head. He types in peacock blue with perfect grammer and syntax, proceeds all messages with a brace ( } ) and replaces the letter 's' with a tidle ( ~ ).

Gestio comes from the Latin verb meaning to peacock. This relates to his symbol, lusus, and vanity. Pulcer comes from the Latin adjective meaning beautiful, which is what Gestio believes himself to be.

His Trollian handle comes from his self-image (majestic) and refers to his blood color. He is a blue blood, and as such is from the upperclass. Patrician is a term that orginally referred to an elite group of families in ancient Rome. In medieval Europe, the term became a vaguer term for aristocrats and elite bourgeoisie in many countries.






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