Nentem Psiaix

Nentem Psiaix

Grub nentem

Derse nentem

God tier nentem


Prince of Mind


7 Alternian solar sweeps

Screen Name




Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Nitrid Navita-Moirail


Land of Volcanoes and Mercury

Meet the Telekinetic Cool Troll

Your name is Nentem Psiaix. You have the second highest blood of the landwellers, so you're pretty safe from being culled. After you pupated, you developed extremely powerful telekinetic abilities, which is extremely rare for your blood caste. It shouldn't even be possible, so you guess you're kind of a mutant. You are extremely strong, which is more common for the higher bluebloods. You wear sunglasses to hold back your psychic energy. If you were to ever take them off, all of your telekinetic energy would escape from your eyes, and this could cause serious damage to whatever you're looking at. Your moirail Nitrid keeps you from taking off your glasses, and you keep him from going mad. You do seem to act like the cool kid out of all of your friends.


You are an indigo blood, which is between cobalt blood and purple blood. Therefore, you have the second highest blood of the landweller section of the hemospectrum. You really couldn't care less about the hemospectrum, so it's not like you go around bragging about it. Usually, indigo bloods are very physically strong (which you are), but you are a mutant. You were hatched with an extra ability; telekinesis. You didn't actually get your powers until after you pupated, so you are still getting used to them. One day, you woke up and all you could see was a blinding white. You passed out, and when you woke up, your hive was on fire. You now wear sunglasses to hold your powers in your head.

Daily LifeEdit

You never, under any circumstances, take your glasses off. It's too risky. You go to visit your moirail by flying over to his house. You like to take high-tech sword that he makes just for you, and as a return you act as a moirail should and keep him under control. You guys hang out a lot & like to hunt. Sometimes, he just stares at you as you display your extraordinary sword skills. On the other hand, he is one of the best marksmem you know. You suck at shooting. You also just chill at your house, talking to other friends on your desktop.

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