thIs Is my "yOU'rE bOrIng mE tO dEAth" fAcE. yOU'll sEE It A lOt.

No Title


Monk of Verve


6.68 Sweeps



Typing Style

Capitalizes nothing but A,E,I,O, and U. Uses correct punctuation.

Strife Specibi

Clay. Items form balls of clay. More items = More clay. Bakar must mold the clay into the shape of the item he desires.


Land of Hills and Gravity


In between Jade Green and Honey Yellow

Be the bothersome and outgoing troll.Edit

You fail to do so.

You are Bakar Acantha. You always seem to be in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME. You can get REALLY FRUSTRATED sometimes, and not even know it.

However, you love to CREATE things! You have decorated your small respiteblock with your VARIOUS SCULPTURES and DRAWINGS. You could say you decorated it with the MESS as well, but that would be a blatant LIE.

Your color on the hemospectrum is... not quite green... but not quite yellow like to think of it as WRIGGLER BARF color, but it's a bit too bright for that... whatever. Because of this color, you have an asterisk as your symbol "bEcAUsE Im thE ExcEptIOn tO thE rUlE." On a similar note, you are somewhere near SIX-AND-A-HALF-SWEEPS-OLD, but who's counting? are, and you think that's awfully sad, but that may be due to your LOW SELF ESTEEM.

Your SPECIBUS allocation is PENCILKIND. You usually have a bunch around anyway.

You have a SCORPION LUSUS who always seems to sneak up and SCARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND. You would think you would be used to it by now.

Your trolltag is masterfulCraftsman and you cAnt rEAlly kEEp yOUr vOIcE frOm crAckIng.

Overthink your name.Edit

I do so hope you mean "> Writer: Overthink Bakar's name", because that's what I'm assuming.

• "Bakar Acantha" loosly translates into "Stinging Loner".

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