Remyna sign
Remyna Hagfan


Remyna dead

Remyna dream

Remyna godtier

Let me~ finish my quote~ you~ little~ shxt!!


Knight of Heart


7 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

censores all vocals in bad words with an x, puts an "~" by a word which ends with a vowel, duplicates doubles every punctuation mark

Strife Specibi



The Strifeswitcher - Anchestor
Lexana Hagfam - Danchestor
PocketSentenial - paled crush (fanfiction only)


Land of Apples and Ribbons

I~ was talking at first so~ you~ are~ quiet till I finshed talking !!

Be the grammar naziEdit

Your name is Remyna Hagfam and are seven solar sweeps old. You can't take it when you have to use bad words, so you are going to censor every fxcking shxt which isn't a nice word.
You hate it when people are interrupting you when you're talking. That's rude and not respectful.

You love nougat. You love it so much. Also you like toast with Nutella and peanut butter.

Sometimes you're using your viola like a tiny guitar. And it sounds annoying for everyone.


Your Lusus reminds of an alpaca. His name is very complicated and long, so you only call it lacapaca.

Towerstuck (Trinitystuck part)Edit

Remyna was a troll who appeared at the Trinitystuck Part of the Towerstuck-Session. She comes from an alternate future, where the Trinity-Trolls never existed. However, she seems to be in good terms with Lalene, even though they don't talk alot to each other. Also Remyna sees a possible Moiraillegiance with her, but couldn't be furfilled because the others have to get back to her Universe soon.

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