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Rebecca Estrid



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Raleigh Fels(Son), Helena Fels(Daughter), Edgar Fels(Son), Johanna Fels(Daughter), Veradane Fels(Daughter), Angel Fels(Daughter), Anise Fels(Daughter), Markus Fels(Husband, estranged)


Seven Million and Forty-one Years


Steals Order and provides it to others

The First Session
I guess you c[]uld call []ur sessi[]n the r[][]t []f all bullshit. ;


Rogue of Order


Land of Justice and Pixels

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Angel Fel's Ashes

Introduction Edit

Your name is REBECCA ESTRID. You are the proud mother of SEVEN CHILDREN, six of whom we have already met. You do not share a LAST NAME with them, however. When you married their father, you refrained from changing yours. For most of your life, you WORKED VERY HARD. Your EX-HUSBAND was, and still is, an ENORMOUS ASSHOLE, who retired at fifty and left you to support him and all the kids. Fucking jerk.

That is all in the past, however. Since your children have grown up, you left him, and literally live on a DIFFERENT PLANET than him now. 

You greatly enjoy SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR KIDS. You didn't get much time to bond with them before Sburch, since you were working all the time. Now, it's basically all you do. And you love the hell out of it. 

Your chat handle is MatronlyMadness, and you type in a no-nonsense manner, in your trademark designing color; almost black. You don't really like using pure black. Something about it just feels... wrong, especially in ecommerce design.

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Rebecca is a tough cookie. She can whether just about any storm, and can carry others through as well. In spite of her toughness, she

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