Marnix Kharon



Seer of Ruin

Screen Name


Typing Style

doesn't use the letter s


alternate symbol for Pluto

Strife Specibi



CopperheadRhythm Moirail


Land of Sand and Rails


Your name is MARNIX KHARON

You're a PRETTY COOL GUY, you suppose. Perhaps the coolest ever. In fact, you're pretty sure you are. Some people may call you a NARCISSIST or an ATTENTION WHORE, but you know they're just jealous.

But for the most part, you are pretty chill. Sitting comfortably high on the hemospectrum, purple but slightly too blue to be aquatic, you don't give it much thought, unless of course you're dealing with someone who does care in which case you will use it to maniplulate the krap out of them. That is one of your specialties. You are manipulative, greedy and a liar. Still, somehow you manage to bring it together in a somewhat charismatic fashion, which allows you to still have some friends despite your introverted personality.

In your free time you maintain a variety of interests. In addition to TROLLING (or DEBATING as the case may be) anyone and everyone you can get the attention of, you have dabbled a bit in EXTREME ROLEPLAY. The rest of your free time is whittled away on a PLETHORA OF USELESS TIME-WASTERS, such as playing solitare or mucking about with puzzles. Your strife specibus is currently set to ARMORKIND, being equiped with bladed gauntlets crafted from the carapace of your lusus.

As a few points of interest, your Fetch Modus is LEGO BIN, which is just about the most frustrating thing ever, as it allows you to access any item, until the time comes when you actually need it for something. The symbol adorning your sick threads is of Pluto, which is a throwback to Scorpio, which is represented again via your Lusus. But you don't know this because these things don't exist on Alternia.

Session InfoEdit

Marnix is currently in the Team Paradox Session with NAJASH GUIVRE, TOLERO NAFADE, TRONNO CONTAR, VLADIS DESEDI and ALIESH MANARE.