Silyam - sign
Silyam Coatle
Silyam - Normal (ts)
MR: Let'sss sssee if it isss funny when I turn you into a fucking rock!


Green bitch, Classy lady, Ophidian Partner


Maid of Heart


8 sweeps old

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces "s" with "sss".


The Eastern's Zodiac Snake.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Gallia Feaven - BFF

  • Carnos Neztak - Server player/possible crush
  • Ryudra Nogard - Moirail
  • Elysa Lanten - Contact
  • Gargoylesprite - Sprite/hunting's victim


Demoneye - Ancestor

Lives in

Plantet Sotergan

Lives in

A small mansion in the Trollmerican desertic regions


Land of Snakes and Skeletons


Staring at the green moon, reptiles, fancy hats, hunting trophies, traditional dancing


Mirrors, guilt, talking gargoyles.


Your name is SILYAM COATLE. As previously mentioned, you were born with the unique POWER of turning everything you glance at in STONE. Hopefully, you have learnt to control it but had a lot of TROUBLES with it, especially when you FLIP THE FUCK OUT. During these long sweeps, your REPTILIAN MOIRAIL had helped you to live, but once you have taken off your blindfold for the first time, you have never seen her again. You have an interest in HUNTING and STARING at landscapes. You sometimes try to practice HYPNOTISING on your preys, but they get petrified despite all your efforts. You also are interested in ROMANCE NOVELS though you can't read one without turning the book into stone. Your Lusus had taught you to read with many efforts...just before wou accidentally petrified her when you were young. But again, your trusty moirail had read you some, and you have decided that if you ever got a MATESPRIT, you'd always stay with him or her. Quadrants are precious, you need to PROTECT them. You have recently tried a new chat system called Trollian, and met a lot of new friends. Your trollhandle is medusasRevenge and you talk with a ssseriousss whissstling issssssue, essspecially when you EMPHASSSSSSSSISSSSSSE TO SSSSSSHOW YOUR ANGER.


She never had an easy life. Her suprability, the "Stone Regard", had made her early childhood a living hell. But her few friends were here to help her, even if with time she only grew scarier and scared.

Her personality is quite complex. Angry at even the smallest details, she's somewhat of a loner, and doesn't talk much. But she has a kind heart and always one or two philosophical jokes up her kimono sleeves. Her many mysteries are what brought Carnos to appreciate her truly.

Silyam enjoys simple things. Watching landscapes changing with time, reading books, or chatting with her friends Gallia and Ryudra. Having been deprivated of sight for most of her life, she had learnt to enjoy it fully, and fancied being an artist before she discovered she had no artistic talent whatsoever. But she keeps trying, as she isn't the kind to give up easily.

Her natural commanding personality had convinced others into making her the leader of Team Predators rather than Ferren. Strategical and practical, she uses her mind rather than force, although her suprability and natural agility can back her up in no time.

Silyam Land

Silyam's planet: LoSaS.

Needless to say, as she had herself known the despair of being left to grow alone, never would she leave anyone in this situation. Snakes aren't the best mothers ever, but they have the decency to watch over their eggs.

Not like if she was really interested in family matters, anyways.

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