Sarrac Irafel
Life Icon




Sarrac wings



Rogue of Life


7 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

All caps, replaces "s" sounds with "-X" uses ///slashes/// for emphasis



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Plantmom - Lusus


Land of Glass and Sun


Be the grungy troll

Your name is SARRAC IRAFEL, and you are seven sweeps old.

You have a strong interest in WOOD SCULPTURE and TOPIARIES, and you use your WOOD-SHAPING abilities to create bizarre MUSICAL SCULPTURES out of the trees and plants surrounding your hive. You use these wooden instruments in the practice of ALTERNIAN WAR MUSIC, where they back up your KICKIN' RAD STRUMAHAWK SOLOS

You have a strong interest in HUNTING, and hope to someday serve HER IMPERIOUS CONDESCENSION in the elite ranks of Her AXETERMINATORS, to hunt all threats to Her rule. This is because you are a TOTAL FANBOY, and fascinated with ALTERNIAN ROYALTY IN GENERAL.

You've never met a troll in person, thanks to your ISOLATED, SWAMPLAND TREE-HIVE, but online, you're RIDICULOUSLY OUTGOING. You also have no mouth-to-brain filter whatsoever, leaving you with ALL THE TACT OF A BRICK. You tend to CLAM UP around highbloods, though. They make you NERVOUS.

It's never occurred to you to question the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS, and the resentment some of your fellow lowbloods feel toward the hemospectrum confuses you. It can't be a bad system if it's lasted for thousands of years, right? You GENUINELY BELIEVE your role in society is to serve those of higher blood than you.

...Even if some of them are TOTAL ASSHOLES.

Because of your shamefully low blood, you also study the ancient Alternian pseudoscience of BLOOD ALCHEMY, even though you know it's BULLSHIT. Still, you hope that someday you'll finally discover the PHILOSOPHER'S PRISM, the legendary crystal that can TRANSFORM THE COLOR OF TROLL BLOOD.

But until you're called off-planet, you hone your combat skills by hunting the SCALE-BEASTS that surround your treehouse-hive, and use their corpses to feed and fertilize your ENORMOUS PLANT LUSUS. Maybe you'll get to CULL AN ACTUAL TROLL SOMEDAY. That would be AWESOME.

Your trolltag is melodicTopiarist and you speak in A-XE-ITED, ///CHOPPY/// -XENTENCES.


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