Kaziah Bokzee

Kaziah Design

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Kaziah Bokzee


Teal blooded Landdweller (#009999)

Typing Quirk

~s after every A, O and U

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus




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Land of Shining Lights and Eyes

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






Your name is KAZIAH BOKZEE.

You love to ACT, and swear up and down that you'll get a part one day. The reason you haven't yet, even though you deny it, is because you are ATROCIOUS AT IT. Every time you try out, you end up either trying too hard or becoming too nervous and running out at the last minute. Due to all the ALTERNIAN PLAYS you've watched, you have altogether brainwashed yourself into believing the most insane scenarios COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN. This causes you to FLIP THE FUCK OUT over stupid things. Physically, you are not that strong, but you created a sort of SCYTHE by your favorite old TOY SCEPTER which you then attached a KITCHEN KNIFE to.

When you are alone at night, which is nearly always, you sometimes go outside and meet your lusus. Your lusus is a sea goat with your same horns, LONG WHISKERS and a THIN FAN TAIL. She doesn't mind taking you for rides out into the ocean, and many times you fall asleep on her back while LOOKING AT THE STARS. She then takes you back to your hive, flops onto the beach and leaves you there.

Your trolltag is melodramaticEnvisage and you speak in a lo~ng dra~wn o~u~t so~rt o~f wa~y.


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  • Kaziah in hero mode.

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