Teurix symbol
Teurix Davasi


Teurix dream

Teurix god

Lisxen xhe power of black mexal!!!


Heir of Blood


6.8 Sweeps (15 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

replaces t with x (mirroring his symbol


Random symbol i made

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Pentaculum (every item is chaptalogued as a Satanic symbol, you need to do a summoning to retrieve the item)


Lusus: Belphegor (Demonic-like beast)

The Imperial: Ancestor

Moirail: Rennon Ferris

Matesprit/kismesis: Veiara Axelis


Metal,Rock,Rap,Chilling out 


Hot headed people, bloodshed




Be the Rockstar Troll

Your name is TEURIX DAVASI, and you are a SIMPLE brown blooded troll, well not so simple after all, you have VARIOUS interests, many of them involving MUSIC, you listen a lot of METAL bands, even the UNKNOWN ones like "troll Iron Claw" or "troll Warlord".

While you are not HEADBANGING while listening to your music you like to RAP with your MOIRAILS, ahhhh Rennon, that silly BURGUNDY blood! sometimes you don't like him for his HOT HEADED behave, but as moirails you need to calm him down.

your ScreenName is metallicaSepultura, what are you gonna do?


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  • Teurix is a random name that i made, same thing for Davasi.
  • His Trollian handle comes from a random name i made on a game by mixing the famous name of the band "Metallica" and the word Sepultura which came in my mind randomly, only after some time i discovered that there's a Metal band called "Sepultura".
  • His Trollian handle mirrors his love for metal music.
  • His God Tier title is Heir of Blood, at first i selected it randomly, but in fact it mirrors some kind of Metal bands who sacrifies animals and shed their blood on the public during concerts.

Special thanks to LunarSplendens for the sprite tweaking

  • his original sprite

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