Trowel Preforat

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Trowel Preforat


Brown blooded landweller (#873b17)

Typing quirk

Adds pipes after Tlls.

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus



Large Dog(Lusus)


? solar sweeps






Sgrub Session
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God Tier Title



Land of Bridges and Cathedrals

Dream Self



?, ?


Team Nightfall Knights

Team Position

? to enter, (Served By ?), Server to ?

Be the Lonely Dude.


Trowel likes to DIG. DEEP. VERY DEEP.

He has carved many a TUNNEL under the ground of his Respiteblock. Nothing fascinates him more than finding new MINERALS to forge into new powerful ALLOYS, to make even stronger ARMOR. Trowel is fascinated by the thought of defense, and seeks to become an ALTERNIAN COCOON CAVALIER, the STRONGUARD of the Alternian ARMY. When not in his mines digging for new minerals, he is trying to STARE THE ALTERNIAN SUN TO DEATH. This accomplishes NOTHING AT ALL, other than having his one eye be constantly shriveled and bleeding. He also enjoys a quick FLARP or two, and is happy to share the RICHES he has gotten in his endeavors with his FRIENDS...

That he thinks he has. Trowel is in fact a LONELY GOOF. He hasn't really connected to ANYONE, and is scouring different TROLL CHATROOMS to find friends.

His trolltag is mineCarver

And he writes T|| - With a Pick against the wall, And laying Pressure on his T||alk.

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