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Shania Encela, also known by her trolltag misguidedVisionary, is a troll on post-scratch Alternia. She is a member of the Planetstuck session.

Shania is friendly, though usually high on her "special incense." A firm believer in astrology, she is interested in Hiiaka because of her powers, but at the opposite end of the mysticism spectrum as Sonnen.

Introduction Edit

Your name is SHANIA ENCELA. Excuse you for a moment, you're feeling a little bit HIGH right now.

There, that's better. Sometimes you just need to LIE IN THE GRASS and STARE INTO THE STARS for a little while. It helps clear your head. As much as you enjoy the feeling your SPECIAL INCENSE gives you, sometimes, you need to be able to think harder. Speaking of which, where were you?

Oh, yeah. Introductions. You tend to be FORGETFUL, though that's because you're nearly always HIGH. You enjoy STARGAZING for the feeling it gives you. Just being able to BLANK OUT on a hill and stare into the dark infinity of the universe...woah, shit. You just about gave yourself vertigo. Maybe you're still high. Probably.

You read TAROT and practice ASTROLOGY. You've based your entire life around these beliefs, and you feel like they've helped you through some pretty hard decisions. You've tried getting your FRIENDS into it, but so far, the only one who seems to humor you is METHAN. You try not to let them get you down, though.

Your trolltag is misguidedVisionary and sometimes you speEeaAk draAamMmaAatiIicaAallyYy

Title Edit

Shania is the Sylph of Breath, "one who heals others using wind." Shania is able to command air with special healing properties, aiding her allies in combat. Because of this, she's usually on the front lines of battle, even though she can't fight well herself.

Planet Edit

Shania's planet is the Land of Wind and Incense, inhabited by salamanders. The planet is in a perpetual state of twilight due to the atmosphere, and a faint breeze constantly gusts over LOWAI, spreading the scents of the towering incense sticks that dot the landscape. LOWAI is mostly comprised of rolling hills, meadows, and rivers, by which the salamanders choose to live.

Before the Denizen, Typheus, woke up, the salamanders happily roamed LOWAI, taking in the many incense pillars and enjoying the laid-back nature of the land. However, underlings now roam the hills, forcing the salamanders to congregate in makeshift villages. On top of this, the underlings are tearing down the incense sticks, which the salamanders are none too pleased about. A legend says the Sylph can calm Typheus and stop the underlings.

Hive Edit

Shania's hive is average sized, like most greenbloods'. It sits in the middle of a grassy plain, atop a knoll Shania uses for stargazing. A portion of it has been converted into a makeshift greenhouse, where Shania grows her "special incense," which is awfully strange, considering you don't grow incense...

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Sage of Rite Othuriteclear
Planetstucksol Sonnen Soleil

Maid of Heart Heart
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Rogue of Blood Blood
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Heir of Dream Othudreamclear
Planetstuckjupiter Praxid Ganyme

Sylph of Breath Breath
Planetstucksaturn Shania Encela

Mage of Tears Othutearsclear
Planetstuckuranus Methan Yurnas

Sleuth of Doom Doom
Planetstuckneptune Nectan Thalas

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Seer of Space Space
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Planetstucknemesis Riyela Mekini

The Othustuck Expansion     Sgrub_S2

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