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Agoraa Meteos

Praxid Ganyme, also known by his trolltag monumentalCataclysm, is a troll living on post-scratch Alternia that is a member of the Planetstuck session.

Like many lowbloods, Praxid has innate psionic powers, namely, the ability to control earth, terramancy.

Introduction Edit

Your name is PRAXID GANYME, and you are a HARDCORE GAMER. Basically, if you can name a ROLEPLAYING GAME, you've all but MASTERED IT. You're a total FLARP JUNKIE, having NEVER LOST A GAME. EVER. Even soloing BLESSED SORCERER. Though you play a lot of OTHER GAMES, you don't like any of them as much as FLARP. They just don't offer the same level of complexity.

You possess the ability to CONTROL EARTH. The sands surrounding your desert hive provide ample area for TERRAMANCY PRACTICE. You like to think your incredibly destructive and powerful abilities don't give you a big head, but, well, they probably do.

For a troll your age, you're sort of FREAKISHLY TALL. You tower over your ACCOMPLICES. You say ACCOMPLICES because you don't have any REAL FRIENDS. VERY FEW actually like you enough because you tend to be VERY SELFISH, ARROGANT about your abilities, and generally HARD TO GET ALONG WITH, though you usually don't realize it. Sometimes, you DREAM about what it would be like to have friends and have quadrants filled instead of being known as THAT GUY WHO IS A DICK.

Your trolltag is monumentalCataclysm and yOu fpeak with a fpeech impedimentO

Title Edit

Praxid is the Heir of Dream, meaning "one who protects himself with illusion." Much like how he once constructed an elaborate fantasy where he was well liked, Praxid can use illusion and deceit to protect himself from harm; he can create fake beasts to ward off opponents, give himself an alternate appearance to avoid detection, or distract enemies using illusions.

Though not an offensive role by nature, Praxid can take one using his well-developed terramancy.

Planet Edit

The Land of Sand and Pillars is a dry, desolate, desert world, with many rock outcroppings and the eponymous pillars: huge, spiraling structures that reach high into LOSAP's atmosphere. The frilled lizards, the consorts of the land, once used the caves and chambers within the pillars' sides as villages, but the underlings, under the command of the Denizen Anansi, forced them out and began squatting in the pillars. The consorts now wander the sands as nomads, dreaming of the day the Heir will return them to their homes.

Hive Edit

Praxid's hive sat in the midst of a vast desert, providing him a nearly infinite training ground for his powers.


  • Praxid's last name is a shortened version of Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

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The Othustuck Expansion     Sgrub_S2

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