Mage of Rage


?; born April 9th

Screen Name


Typing Style

She tries to remain dignified and respectable whilst speaking, but ha, ha~ really she’s not at aaaaaaaall~… ^u^; … 0u0 ... \@A@/ bluh bluh bluh, meeeeeep!!!! Dang, what’s going on here, ya’ll!? What chu’ think you’ doin’ gurl? Um... 0.0 It really just…varies too much…meh…  ;( Depending on the person and mood, of course! ^u^ Nyaha~  :3

Strife Specibi

iron (straightening, regular...anything that can be called an iron)/(violin) bowkind (occasionally flickkind)

Fetch Modus

Imaginary Friendkind


Mother - genetic mum
Father - genetic father
Brother - genetic brother
Little Sister - genetic sister
Bella - pet (dog)
Sophie - pet (dog)
Thor - pet (dog)
Gobert - pet (rabbit)
Mittens - pet (cat)
Squidward - pet (fish)
Hermesticas - pet (hermit crab)

Lives in

Nella sua casa. 0_0


Land of Notably Enjoyable Sweets and Mood


J-pop, anime/manga, Vocaloid, music, cuteness, pajamas, video games, cat ears, MLP:FIM, being pestered


Feeling alone, being afraid, physical contact, being wrong, being subject to anger, the dark


Random FactsEdit

  • Kelly is short
  • Her text color is hex code: #A48677
  • Imaginary Friendkind Specibus: Kelly entrusts an item to one of her "friends". However, since she is the only one who can see them, it makes her look slightly insane when others are around, and the friend that holds the item may not be the most cooperative or easiest to deal with.


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