Listen up, dumbasses we'<e got a <ery big problem and uue uuon't sol<e a thing uuith you shitfaces running around making kissy faces at each other.


Rogue of Space


8 Alternian Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces all V's with < all W's become uu. Perfect grammar, although does make many run on sentences.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Trash Modus- Ejects everything at the end of the week.


Matesprit- / Kismesis- / Moirail- /


The Criminal


Land of Plagues and Frogs (LOPAF)

======> Be the Klepto Troll

Your name is TOLLEN AKIPER. 

You are known to take things that are NOT yours. You see anything NOT nailed down as FAIR GAME. You’ve spent MANY sleepless hours searching through OTHER’S belongings  but you don’t care. You mostly do this to obtain TEMPORARY RELIEF from your UNHAPPY LIFE. 

Aside from your thievery, you LOVE to crochet. Balls of yarn and INCOMPLETE projects sit side by side with the TRASH in your hive. Also you LOVE to engage in trivial, childish games, or you’d like to say ROLEPLAY with several of your friends. You also have recently taken a liking to SCENTED CANDLES. You feel the need to keep your passions a secret to avoid the needless and probably unlikely teasing from your BUDDIES.

Your hive is a simple home next to a large mountain, and you’d rather spend ALL DAY inside your messy hive than enjoy the fresh, clean air that is literally right outside your doorstep. Your lusus, a LARGE TWO TAILED RACCOONBEAST, usually forces you outside one day a week, which you spend clawing at a window to be let in. What are you? A meowbeast?!

Some have said that you seem slightly feminine, but you assure them that it is just your JADE BLOOD. Speaking of which, you are a big supporter of the HEMOSPECTRUM. You REVERE the highbloods as the cool and kickass beings they are, and any highblood who does not take advantage of their privilege IS A FUCKING MORON. Although you envy lowbloods. You’ve spent eight sweeps on this godawful planet and can’t wait to off yourself. It’s a shame you’ll outlive a rust blood five times over.

It doesn’t surprise you that your quadrants are EMPTY. You’ve been told that you’re a bit insensitive, and on top of that your sense of HUMOR is as dry as a DESERT. Not exactly A+ qualities for a matesprit or a morail, right?

Your strife specibus is your handy-dandy boomerang! Oh boy do you LOVE your boomerang. Not really. You’re just a guy with a boomerang. And you’re fetch modus is a TRASH modus; everything is dumped out at the end of the week. 

Your trollian handle is narcolpeticKleptomaniac, and you type in a <ery strange, yet dignified uuay, using proper grammar (or you’d like to think is proper) and the you are often the <ictim of run on sentences.

((If some one would like to help me with this wiki page it would be very much appreciated uwu))

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