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Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell - Dreamself

Kate Maxwell - Baby

i guess maybe i should be suspicious but i'm just too darn happy


13 (October 19, 1999)

Screen Name


Typing Style

regular syntax, lower caps only, uses punctuation for emphasis, uses a wide range of emoticons, replaces any 'bad' words with minced oaths such as "darn" or "gosh"

Strife Specibi



Sis Maxwell - Adoptive sister, Genetic mother
Cuz Casron - Genetic father
Trip- Friend/Genetic brother


animals, platformer or simulation video games


horror, politics, death

Kate Maxwell is the first character introduced in Turfbound. She wears a blue plumbob on her shirt, signifying her love for simulation games like The Sims. Her chumhandle is nascentAvatar, and her web browser of choice is Agromauna.



Kate arrived on earth by meteor, and was taken in by her genetic mother who took the role of her older sister. Sis raised Kate normally until she turned ten, after which she began "training" her, leaving traps all over the house and making several attempts at her life, though Kate always seemed to know that she was never in any real danger.

She met Trip Carson on an animal lover's forum. She then met Gwen Jacobs in a chatroom, who later introduced her to Luke Haylow. The four kept in contact over the internet until they began playing the Sburb GA.


At first, Kate was hesitatnt to play Sburb. Gwen managed to win her over by comparing it to The Sims, and reminding her that they would be able to meet in person within the game. Kate got Luke into the game, with Gwen as her server player. She tier-1 prototyped her kernelsprite with her Kirby 64 catridge to make Kirbysprite. She broke her cruxite artifact, a skull, to enter the medium. Post-entry, she tier-2 prototyped her sprite with a nintendogs poster to create Kirbeaglesprite.


Online FriendsEdit

Kate has always been the sweetest of the four, never getting into any serious arguments with anyone if she can help it. She sometimes misinterperets them, however; she thinks that Trip is only joking about believing he's a werewolf, when in reality he is quite serious. Despite this, they all appreciate the optimism that she brings to the group, and are generally fiercely protective of her.


Kate's relationship with her Sis is generally volatile. After the "training" began when she was ten, Sis has barely spoken to her, instead leaving notes around the house and meals by her door, generally as a trap that Kate must avoid. Kate constantly complains to Gwen about this, saying that she wishes she had her old Sis back. She understands, however, that Sis is preparing her for something, and she holds no grudges against her. 


  • Kate's eyes are blue, just like her pesterchum text.
  • Kate's cruxite artifact, like those of her friends, is representative of one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Hers represents the fourth and last horseman, Death. 
  • The acronym of her chumhandle, NA, is the atomic symbol for Sodium, one of the alkali metals. 
  • Birthday-wise, her astrological sign is Libra.